土曜日 Eva と私は、ホットチョコレートのためのコーヒーショップに行った。それは、コーヒーショップが私達のビールも売るとわかるのに良かった。

Saturday Eva and I went to the coffee shop for a hot chocolate. It was good to see the coffee shop also sells our beers.

It's very cold outside. A hot chocolate with marshmallow tastes good.


After the coffee shop, we went to the new "City Brewery". It is a small brewery in our city center. Although their first brew is not ready to taste, I tried a local brew. 

私は2番目のビールを望んだ。エヴァンは少し神経質になった。私はアイデア 理由 を全然持っていなかった。最後に、彼女は、2番目のビールをすることに合意した(オランダでは、私達は言う:「あなたは1つの足に立つことができない」)。私はベルギーからこの美しいビールを得た。

I wanted a second beer. Evan became a bit nervous. I had no idea why. Finally she agreed to do a second beer (in the Netherlands we say: "You cannot stand on one leg"). I got this beautiful beer from Belgium. 

ビールのために訪問された夕方 Bleephead。私が知らなかったものはであった これがセットアップであった 。私は過去の年にたくさんのビールを収集した。それはさら洗い室に蓄えられる。ビールの量を通じてさら洗い室を歩くことが容易ではない。従って、Eva はたくさんの友人をさら洗い室の助け飲酒ビールに招待した。誰もが私を除いてこれを知っていた。
In the evening Bleephead visited for a beer. What I did not know was, that this was a set-up. I have collected a lot of beers in the past years, which are stored in the scullery. It is not easy to walk through the scullery through the amount of beer. Therefore Eva invited a lot of friends to help drinking beers in the scullery. Everybody knew about this, except me. 


A lot of rare beers have been tasted. The guests also brought great food. It was a big surprise. It will be a night to remember. 


Wristwatch for today: "It's been a while, Crocodile". It's the DW-6900CR. It has a 3D reptile structure. I enjoyed the last F1 race of 2016. 




今日のための腕時計:私はまだこの Mudmaster の十分を得ることができない。

Due to their age and medical complications, Evaa and I went to an office for domestic help for my parents. Near the office there was this cheerful statue. 

Wristwatch for today: I still can't get enough of this Mudmaster. 



この前の週末Keesと私は、the 醸造所のすべて のビールフェスティバルのスウェーデンのイエーテボリに行った。
It has been a very busy week at the brewery. Therefore I could not post on my weblog. 
Last weekend Kees and I went to Goteborg in Sweden of the beer festival of the All In Brewery. 

While getting on the train in the morning, it was strange to realize we would be tapping our beer at the end on the afternoon, roughly 1000 kilometers to the north. We had a good flight and landed before schedule on the Goteborg airport. 

それは小さい空港であった。Kees はすでにタクシーを注文していた。私の荷物で静かな私の冬のジャケットで、私は、雪が降っていることに気づいた。また、それは冷たかった。
It was a small airport. Kees had already ordered a taxi. With my winter jacket still in my luggage, I noticed it was snowing. Also, it was cold. 

私達はまったく早く、私達のホテルに到着した。私達は、しばらくの間、何人かの他の醸造者をリラックスさせて、会う必要があった。そして、私達は昼食のために外出した。私達は小さいレストランによってよいイタリア店を見つけた。私は非常に旨いパスタ料理を食べた。それは私達のホテルからほんの 50 メートルであった。
We arrived quite early at our hotel. We had some time to relax and meet some other brewers. Then we went out for a lunch. We found a good Italian shop with a small restaurant. I ate a very delicious pasta. It was only 50 meter from our hotel. 

フェスティバルのために私達の栓を準備する間、私達は、私達の台がTommie Sjef野生アレスの近くにあることに気づいた。Tommie Sjefは、非常に約束しているLambic醸造者とミキサーである。彼はちょうど23歳であるけれども、彼はビール世界に非常に高い評判を持っている。
While preparing our taps for the festival, we noticed our stand was near Tommmie Sjef Wild Ales. Tommmie Sjef is a very promising Lambic brewer and blender. Although he's just 23 years old, he has a very high reputation in the beer world. 

The first visitors of the first session are already waiting for the opening of the festival. All three sessions were sold out (1000 tickets each). 

An unpronounceable name does not guarantee you cannot sell your beer. It's a beer from Evil Twin. 

Of course, we do sample beers at the other breweries. 

In the evening I went outside for food. I followed the local custom to go outside in my shirt. It was around freezing point, so it was quite a challenge. Luckily the Swedish people are very friendly. After a 10 minute wait, I had my hamburger. 

フェスティバルは22時30分に閉まった。訪問者が去った後に、すべての醸造者は都市センターの醸造者バーに行った。特別に、今晩の間、自由なピザ's.があった 私達 すべて たくさん食べた 。
The festival closed at 22:30. After the visitors had left, all brewers went to the Brewers Bar in the city center. Specially for this evening there were free pizza's. We all ate a lot. 


It was a short night sleep. The second session was starting already at 11:00. But first, a very good breakfast. 

これは何であるか?Omnipolloの氷マシン。私は前にそれを見たことがあったけれども、この時、それはピーナッツバターチョコレートキャンディーのアイスクリームを作っていた。アイスクリームはHypnopompaマシュマロ皇帝スタウトに置かれた。非常に良い組み合わせ。私のガラス(開く前の)は、Omnipollo、Henok Fentieの創立者のうちの1人のため注がれた。

What is this? An ice machine at Omnipollo. I had seen it before, but this time it was making ice-cream of peanut butter chocolate candy. The ice cream was put on the Hypnopompa Marshmallow Imperial Stout. A very nice combination. My glass was (before opening) poured by one of the founders of Omnipollo, Henok Fentie. 

2番目のセッションの間、私達は「Da Hong Pao」を持っていた。それは、四川風コショウを持つ大麦ワインである。
For the second session we had the "Da Hong Pao". It is a barley wine with szechuan peppers. 


A Swedish beer named after the Dutch name of Saint Nicolas. I have to taste it. 

それは Brewski の女性である。私は1年前彼女と会った。私が私のガラスを失った後に、彼女は私に新しいものを与えた。彼女はまだ私を認めていた。私は別の「Brewski」ガラスを得さえした。
It's the woman of Brewski. I met her a year ago. After I lost my glass, she gave me a new one. She still recognized me. I even got another "Brewski" glass. 

これはすばらしい。入口ホールには、Bear Family さんのストールがあった。それはあごひげと口ひげ製品のブランドである。私はたくさんのそれらの製品を使う。私は、それがスウェーデンのブランドであると知らなかった。私は、それがイエーテボリブランドであると知りさえしなかった。創立者はかつてBeerbliotekで醸造者であった。もちろん、私達は少し後で私達の醸造所からビールを飲んだ。
This is fantastic. In the entrance hall there was a stall of Mr. Bear Family. It's a brand of beard and moustache products. I use a lot of their products. I did not know it was a Swedish brand. I even did not know it was a Goteborg brand. The founder used to be a brewer at Beerbliotek. Of course we drank a beer from our brewery a bit later. 

"where do you live?". Somehow I do not always have proper drawing skills. Specially after a long festival day. 

In the evening we ended up in another beer bar in Goteborg. Our party was in a private room, but after a late dinner we enjoyed the Halloween party with a few special beers. 

Of course, it became late, but we had a great time at the Brewers after-party. 


We had a plane back to The Netherlands late in the afternoon. We looked for something special to visit. We found information about the Volvo museum. Also Volvo comes from Goteborg.

「聖人」という 1960 年代のテレビシリーズに主演したこととしてのボルボ P1800。
The Volvo P1800 as featured in the 1960's television series "The Saint". 

A Volvo rebuild of Lego. It was build on an original chassis. 

There was quite a lot to see in the museum, but after about an hour we had seen it all. We took a taxi to the Brewer's Bar. Before we left Sweden we had some food and drinks. 

私はOmnipolloの「蜃気楼」を取った。それはよいさわやかな IPA である。私のビールで、私はラズベリーアイスクリームでレモンチーズケーキも食べた。
I took a "Fatamorgana" of Omnipollo. It is a good refreshing IPA. With my beer I also had a lemon cheesecake with raspberry ice-cream. 

空港で 私達の飛行機に乗り込むことを待つ 。これは、 最後のビール 私達がスウェーデンに持っていた最終版である。
At the airport, waiting for boarding our plane. This is the final  last beer we had in Sweden. 

GPS also works at almost 9000 meter altitude, traveling at 800 kilometers an hour. 

私達は夕方早く上陸した。Eva は車によって私達を拾った。家に追い返しているほんの160キロメートル。それは非常に印象的な週末であった。

スウェーデンのビールフェスティバルのための腕時計:それはGWG-1000 Mudmasterである。それは私のための好きな腕時計になるかもしれない。

We landed early in the evening. Eva picked us up by car. Only 160 kilometers driving back home. It had been a very impressive weekend.

Wristwatch for a Swedish beer festival: It's the GWG-1000 Mudmaster. It might become a favorite wristwatch for me. 


新しい G-SHOCK。

My new G-SHOCK arrived at the brewery on my free day. It came with a cool hat, saying "wristwatch nerd". 

I guess I am a wristwatch nerd. (^0^)

My new wristwatch. I fund it with my birthday money and some extra. It was on my "wish list" for quite a long time. It's the MUDMASTER with yellow straps. It's an full ABC watch (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass). It also has a Thermometer. The thermometer function is needed for an accurate barometric reading. I love the analog dial. The hands can move when they block the display. It's also the first G-SHOCK model that lights up both the digital display as the analog dial. 

I took it out for a ride over the Flushing boulevard. 

At home, Bram was already cooking dinner. 

He made a delicious dish with chicken, potatoes and tomatoes. After dinner I had a good Porter from San Francisco. "Anchor Steam" is a very old craft brewery in the US. 

今日のための腕時計:それはもちろん、GWG-1000-1A9 MUDMASTER である。私はまさに時間内にそれを受け取った。金曜日と土曜日に、私はイエーテボリ、スウェーデンのビールフェスティバルに出席する。あなたは、これが旅行のためのよい注視腕時計であると思うか?

Wristwatch for today: It is of course the GWG-1000-1A9 MUDMASTER. I received it just in time. Friday and Saturday I will attend a beer festival in Goteborg, Sweden. Do you think this is a good looking wristwatch for traveling?



Bram と Eva は、何度も、私に、再びチョコレートサラミを作るように頼んだ。最後に、私はそれを作った。それは、ココナッツ、ビスケット、ペカンナット、およびローストされたアーモンドを持つチョコレートサラミである。
 Bram and Eva have asked me many times to make a chocolate salami again. Finally I made one. It's a chocolate salami with coconuts, biscuits, pecan nuts and roasted almonds. 

I went out to a good beer cafe. I found this very good American stout. A good way to finish the evening. 
Wristwatch for eating chocolate salami and visiting a beer bar: GXW-56-1BJF.



それは10月で最後の日である。ハロウィーン。私達は長いホットを持っていた 夏の2番目の部分 。今や、それは本当に秋である。日は速くより短くなる。葉は黄色いことと赤になっている。また通りの終わりの風車のまわりで。
It is the last day of October. Halloween. We had a long hot second part of the summer. Now it is really autumn. The days get shorter fast. The leaves are turning yellow and red. Also around the windmill at the end of the street. 

私は本当に長い間このオランダの肉入りパイを持ちたかった。それは Tompouce とオランダ語で呼ばれる。それはミルフィーユの特別なバリエーションである。 それはペーストリークリームによって満ちて、凍ることは典型的なピンクである。食べることが容易ではない。汚い手を得ずに食べることがほとんど不可能である。しかし、それは旨い。
I really wanted to have this Dutch pasty for a long time. It's called in Dutch a Tompouce. It's a special variation on the mille-feuille.  It's filled with pastry-cream and the icing is typical pink. It's not easy to eat. It's almost impossible to eat without getting dirty hands. However, it is delicious. 


Since it's Halloween, I opened this beer. It's a pumpkin ale from Brewdog, Scotland. The "Pumpkin King", with pumpkin spices. 

Wristwatch for a dark autumn day: It's my new DW-6900GD-9. I love this gold color. I wanted to buy this watch already a year ago. Finally I have it in my collection. 


6番目の年の間、Peter van der Arend は、Keesに、キカをサポートする特別なビール、子供の癌研究のための所持金を醸造させた。
Peter は、中 アムステルダム にいくつかの特別なビールカフェを所有している。彼は、早く、Jesse(彼のカフェのもののうちの1つの従業員)と Bob によって到着した(ラベルとTシャツのデザイナー)。

For the 6th year, Peter van der Arend let Kees brew a special beer to support KiKa, a funds for Children's Cancer Research. 
Peter owns several special beer cafe's in Amsterdam. He arrived early with Jesse (employee in one of his cafe's) and Bob (designer of the label and T-Shirts).

While Bob and Jesse fill the silo with malt, Peter is doing  administration. 

Later we got assistance with packing the bottles in boxes. 

昼食の間に、Bob は特別なシャンパンビールのボトルによって私達を処理した。
During lunch, Bob treated us with a bottle of special Champagne beer. 

The beer is a Coconut -Lemon Russian Imperial Stout. While coconut was added in the mash, lemon juice and zest were added with the hops. 

Roos is one of the daughters of Peter. Eery year Peter names the beer after one of his daughters. This year's beer is called "Roos = B(l)ack". 

すべてはタンクにある。祝福する時間。 私達の客は家にアムステルダムに運転する必要があった。私達は、最初に適切なディナーをとるために、レストランに行った。
Everything is in the tank. Time to celebrate.  Our guests had to drive home to Amsterdam. We went to a restaurant to have a proper dinner first. 



I came home late. I was very tired, but I was very happy. I received a specially signed graphic novel for me. 

Wristwatch for a special day brewing beer: It is the PostPet DW-6900. 



エバは、私に、何で私の計画がこの日曜日に向いているかを尋ねた。「私は明日への小さい準備のための醸造所に行く必要がある。それはほんの15分仕事"である」。「私達は Westhove でクルミパイを攻撃できるか?」.-「もちろん」。約30分後で、私達はWesthove 城の近くでレストランに到着した。
Eva asked me what my plans were for this Sunday. "I have to go to the brewery for a small preparation for tomorrow. It is only 15 minutes work". "Can we go for a walnut pie at Westhove?". -"Sure". About 30 minutes later we arrived at the restaurant near the Westhove Castle. 


日当たりが良い日曜日のための腕時計:Lightning Yellow GD-X6930E-9。

It was many months ago, I had eaten eat walnut pie. Of course, it was very delicious. A sunny Sunday was well spend. 

Wristwatch for a sunny Sunday: Lightning Yellow GD-X6930E-9.



This week we had a collaboration with Cloudwater brewery from the UK. We brew a Raspberry Cream Ale. The hop-back was filled with 50 kilogram raspberries. It looked very colorful.

醸造した後に、私達はよいビールを飲んだ(Westvleteren 12)。そして、私達は、長い日の醸造の後に、いくらかのよい食物のためのレストランに行った。
After brewing we had a good beer (Westvleteren 12). Then we went to  a restaurant for some good food after a long day brewing.

日醸造のための腕時計:それはである とおり いつも 私の醸造腕時計 。GW-6900。それは古い写真である。
Wristwatch for a day brewing: It is as always my brewing wristwatch. The GW-6900. It is an old photo.


A brewer of another brewery of Zealand asked if I would like to come to a local bock beer festival. It was in a very small village in the countryside, far from cities. I was wondering who will visit this festival. 

It was not hard to find the festival. While entering the village, I almost immediately entered the main street. You could see a small crowd outside under tents. When entering the cafe, I was warm welcomed by two other brewers. 

It was remarkable. A lot of people from the village and the countryside gathered in this cafe. Even a band was playing folk music. It was a pity I had only limited time (I had to visit my mother in Law for dinner too). I couldn't drink much, as I had to drive. I tasted 3 beers (small tasting glass). The quality of bock beers on my province is luckily very high. 

I arrived in time at my mother in law's new apartment to see the sun set during dinner.

地方のフェスティバルのための腕時計:それは古いG-Lide DW-003である。私は15年前オランダの歌手からそれを買った。
Wristwatch for a festival on the countryside: It's an old G-Lide DW-003. I bought it from a Dutch singer 15 years ago. 


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