We woke up early. I bought a French bread in a village 12 kilometers from our village. We had a simple breakfast and we said goodbye to the house owner, the dog and the chickens. Before we return to our house, we still wanted to visit one castle. A 150 kilometer drive. 

It seemed we were lucky. There was an Lego themed exposition in the castle. 

It is the third time I visit this castle. Still the first view of it is stunning. 

First it was unclear where the Lego exposition was. Was it behind closed doors?

So, we decided to do the tour through the castle. But wait!?! There is the first Lego artwork. 

It's Josephine, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Sometimes you had to look twice. 

Napoleon on Elba.


A beautiful view over the garden seen from the hall between the private rooms and the weapon room. 

We visited the large weapon room of the castle. A lot of weapons and harnesses were on display on the walls. 

The weapon room lead to the impressive room of the King. 

On the second floor there was a little chapel. 

Now, this is really an impressive Lego model. 

A Duchess of Bourgogne.

King Louis XV.

The music chamber. Note the Empress Josephine's harp is made of Lego. 

A model of the Arc de Triomphe.

The exposition ended with this big impressive Lego art. It shows Napoleon on the battle field. 


It has been a while I used the "Dramatic Tone" settings on my Olympus camera. The clouds were ideal for using this effect. 

The only thing missing is an UFO descending from the sky...


After visiting the castle and a walk through the gardens, we went to the Tintin exhibition. The Castle of Cheverny stood model for the castle of Captain Haddock in the series of Tintin. 

In the stories of Tintin the two outer wings of the castle were left away. 

A strange room during a thunder storm. The lights went on and off. 

The laboratory of Professor Calculus with small models of the iconic rocket and submarine.

An animation of an experimental broadcast of a concert of Bianca Castafiore. It's funny to watch. A bit psychedelic. 

The famous "Shark-proof Submarine".


Before we left the exhibition, there were a remarkable series of portraits of people from Cheverny that returned in the cartoons. 

Before we left the castle, we visited the trophy room. Countless antlers were shown on the huge walls. 

After 6 hours driving we finally reached familiar ground. 


私達の休日の最後の日のための腕時計:それは、私の黄色いGF-8250-9JF FROGMANである。

After we unpacked the car and had a simple dinner, it was time for a good, wooden barrel ripened, beer. The end of our holiday in France. 

Wristwatch for the last day of our holiday: It's my yellow GF-8250-9JF FROGMAN.




私達は、見るために、ソミュールに25キロメートルを動かした… まだ、別の城。

Day 5.

We drove 25 kilometers to Saumur to see... yet another castle. 

The view from the castle over the city is amazing. 

The water well. It's very deep, so there is this wooden mechanism to get the water up.

From the courtyard you can see a part of the castle is missing. It collapsed several centuries ago. It was never re-erected. 

Several old objects of the military hospital were on display in the former courtroom.

Haute Couture from the 16th century (^0^;)

This castle has a very rich collection of porcelain objects. Two huge chambers were filled with these cabinets.

This old vase has a strange decoration on it. The man has a strong resemblance with a contentious Dutch politician.

I do not know what it is, but the shape and colors are very beautiful.

Again, we had no idea what this scene, in the basement, was.

別個の建物では、軍隊の馬に機器の展示会があった。私はこの小さい彫像を見た。それは600 BCに日付を書いた。
In a separate building there was an exhibition of equipment for military horses. I saw this small statue. It dated 600 BC.

家でバックしなさい ディナーのために私がツナトマトソースを作る間、Bram は犬によって遊んだ。
Back at the house, Bram played with the dog, while I made a tuna-tomato sauce for dinner. 

After dinner we went to camping of Chinon. We brought a visit to Bernard and his family. We returned long after the sun had set. 



Day 6.

We first visited the market of Chinon.

Another street library. 

After a short visit of Chinon (we had already been on the market of Amboise), we went to the castle of Breze. This castle is known for it's deep moat and the man made caves under the castle.

深さ18メートルである この乾燥している堀のため、ヨーロッパで最も深い。うつむくことは本当に印象的である。
With 18 meter deep, this dry moat is the deepest in Europe. Looking down is truly impressive. 


The caves date from the 11th to the 19th century. When the castle was under siege, the residents moved into the caves under the castle. There are even stables for the cattle. 

Eva is our guide. She read and tells us where we are and what we can see. 

We were told not to go into the cave when you suffer from claustrophobia. It was a little exaggerated, I think. The caves were beautiful and interesting. 

Very rare daylight.

Finally we reached the bottom. There was the entrance to the moat. It was very dark in the caves, so we had to adapt our eyes to the bright daylight first. 

On the opposite side of the castle there were several chambers dug in the wall. This is the largest bakery, dug in to the stone wall.

A walk through the moat. 

In one of the rooms of the moat wall are three very old grape presses. 

the giant casks for making and aging wine are still present. They might even be in use. The temperature in the caves is very constant.

The castle's interior is much like the other castles. A lot of big rooms with a lot of paintings.

The zinc bath tub is interesting. Mostly enamel is used in the Renaissance. 

The dungeon.

Outside, near the entrance is a huge pigeon loft. I believe it has place for over 140000 pigeons. 

Photo credits: Bernard.
In the afternoon I went with Bernard to a brewery near Saumur. It is called "TINA". It stands for "There Is No Alternative". It is a quote from Margret Thatcher. 

we tasted several beers. We got a special tour through the small brewery. This brewery brews 500 liter beer every month.

Photo credits: Bernard.

The mash tun and the brewing kettle.

Three cylinder conical tanks. After three weeks, the beer is bottled for the third fermentation in the bottle, for a week.

Photo credits: Bernard.
Some brewers talk.

Photo credits: Bernard.

Some beers were traded, a lot of beers were bought.



Day 7.

Our last day already in France. We went to the supermarket to get some cheese for home. I also found delicious wasabi chips. I wish we had it in The Netherlands too. 

家にバックしなさい エバは、ジーランドに追い返すのに最も良いルートを探していた。
Back in the house, Eva was looking up the best route for driving back to Zealand. 

Goodbye, chickens!

ある日当たりが良い旅行雨樋のための腕時計 ロアールの谷 :それは、私のピンク色のFROGMAN GF-8250K-4JR.である

Wristwatch for some sunny trips trough the valley of the Loire: It is my pink FROGMAN GF-8250K-4JR.





Day 3.

We didn't do anything special this day. Just enjoying the sun. In the Evening Bernard and his family visited us. They are on a camping 9 kilometers from us. 

We tried these French beers that evening. They are all local brews. 


私達は行った 城Azay-le-Rideau 。ロアールに沿った多くの城のうちの1つ。

Day 4.

We went Chateau AzayleRideau. One of the many castles along the Loire. 


There were a lot of restoration works on the roof. Therefore it was possible to look "through the roof".

This castle has the first known straight stairs. Usually castles have spiral stairs. 

Maquette of the castle. The second maquette shows clearly the straight stairs.


There was a lot of things to see in the castle. As usual the castle is very large. At a certain moment I discovered these small statues. They were often hidden in the corners of a room. There must be hundreds of them . 

A photo of the castle at the end of the 19th century. 


The view on the castle from the park is amazing. Can you imagine what it looks as the restoration works are over? 

What is that?

Beautiful black winged dragonflies were hovering over the water.


Ice cream was bought. It was delicious, but no ice cream can beat the ice cream of Amboise (see day 2).

城の訪問の後に、私達は小さい村で見回った。  それの後に、私達は私達の小さな農場に戻った よい天候を楽しむ 。
After the visit of the castle, we looked around in the small village.   After that we returned to our little farm, to enjoy the good weather. 

In the evening we enjoyed a barbecue. 

It was almost full moon. A nice occasion to test my 70-300mm lens. 

Wristwatch for two sunny days in France: It's my GXW-56-1BJF. The "King" of G-SHOCK!





Day 1.

After some weeks hard work at the brewery, it's finally time for a vacation. This year we went for a week to the Loire in France. We booked a nice small old farm. It's pretty cosy. Still it's quite big for only three persons. 

There are a lot of animals around the little farm. The funniest creatures are the frogs in the pond and the chickens. 

The WIFI was installed. It's slow, but it works from time to time. 


それはアンボワーズの市場である。パパ あなたのカメラを忘れない 。私のカメラはどこであるか?それはここにある。フラッシュ!

Day 2. 

It is market in Amboise. Dad, do not forget your camera. Where is my camera? It's here. Flash!

It was one hour drive to Amboise. When we were near the city, we noticed we were not the only visitors. There was a 2 kilometer long traffic jam. We decided to park our car on the other side of the river, about 1500 meters from Amboise. 

A new cap was bought.

A lot of soap was bought too. 

Who did we meet here? It is Bernard and his family. By coincidence they stay at a camping less than 10 kilometers from our little farm. 

The colors of the cheese is amazing. It's lavender cheese, tomato cheese and basil cheese. 

アンボワーズは、レオナルド・ダ・ビンチが住んでいた最後の場所である。市場の後では、私達は「Clos Luce」に行った レオナルド・ダ・ビンチが住み、働いた家 。
Amboise is the last place where Leonardo da Vinci lived. After the market we went to "Clos Luce", the house where Leonardo da Vinci lived and worked. 

長い列があった 入口を食べた けれども、最後に、私達は家の中に入った。私達はレオナルドdaヴィンスの寝室で始めた。彼の寝室のウィンドウから、レオナルドは、彼の友人キングフランソワ 私 の城に期待することができた。
There was a long queue ate the entrance, but finally we got into the house. We started with the bedroom of Leonardo da Vince. From his bedroom window, Leonardo could look to the castle of his friend King Francois I. 

Leonardo designed a lot of weaponry. 

There is a rumor that there was a secret passage under his house to the castle of King Francois. 

The early design of a bicycle and an automobile. 

An early concept of the helicopter and a terrible weapon. The car behind the horse slices the legs of horses and cuts soldiers in pieces. 


After a walk through the garden of Leonardo da Vinci, we go back to the city centre. I saw a cute little library on the wall of a house. The final goal of today was an ice-cream. We found our favorite stall. We ate ice-cream with rose flavor and violate flavor. The taste is amazing. Maybe the best ice-cream we've ever tasted. 

"Living like a God in France".


フランスの週のための腕時計:Lightning Yellow GW-9430EJ-9JR Rangeman。

A strange beer bottle. The beer was poor quality. The bottle looks cute.

Wristwatch for a week in France: The Lightning Yellow GW-9430EJ-9JR Rangeman. 



I woke up this morning. My alarm radio was broadcasting the news. There was an item about small Dutch breweries, who export beer worldwide. Suddenly there was the vice of Kees, our head brewer. Later there was an item on television too. 


Recently our newest special beer was bottled. Kees is a big fan of the Beatles. He visited Strawberry Fields in Liverpool about a year ago. In honor of the Beatles he made a beer with strawberries. It is called: "Strawberry Fields". I made a small promotional film. 

Brian, a Dutch G-SHOCK Collector, visited me in the brewery. He also drove me home. A good reason to take a G-SHOCK Collectors photo. 


Last night I mashed in the last beer, before my vacation. Meanwhile I enjoyed a good beer. 
G-SHOCK for a G-SHOCK meeting: GWF-1000SR-4JF. Men in Sunrise Purple Frogman.



土曜日の醸造は容易であった。私は、バーベキューの後にマッシュを作ってたくさんの時間を節約した。私は6時30分にろ過を始めた。砂糖変換は、よいビールになろうとしているので、非常に効率的であった これ 。
The brewing on Saturday was easy. I have saved a lot of time by  making the mash after the barbecue. I started lautering at 6:30. The sugar conversion was very efficient This is going to be a good beer. 

Kees needed a forgotten box of beer. It was located under Julia's huge pile of boxes.


I started cooling already around 13:00. About an hour later the beer is safe in the tank. At 15:00 everything was cleaned. I decided to go to the city center. 

毎月のビールカフェの栓のオランダの同盟 特別なビール 。これ月のビール:私達の醸造所からのレモングラスIPA。それは非常にポピュラーである。私達のカフェはすでに2樽を終えて、最後の小樽はドラフトにある。それは外のほんの6日である!
The Dutch alliance of beer cafe's tap every month a special beer. This months beer: Lemon Grass IPA from our brewery. It is very popular. Our cafe has already finished 2 kegs, the last keg is on draught. It is only 6 days out! 

There is a beautiful view on the terrace of the cafe. Eva had also finished working and joined me at the cafe. 

Maybe I am prejudiced. I have brewed this beer. Actually on Kees' birthday. There is a delicate task of lemon peel and lemon grass. It is an ideal beer for a hot summer. 


日醸造のための腕時計:それは、私の毎日の醸造腕時計、基本的な GW-6900 である。それは実際、非常によい腕時計である。

It was probably the last chance to drink this beer. Before returning home, I made a walk through the city. 

Wristwatch for a day brewing: It's my daily brewing wristwatch, the basic GW-6900. It is actually a very good wristwatch.




At the brewery we are preparing for the holidays. Before everyone is going on holidays, the brewery organized a barbecue for personnel and partners. 

It was on my free day, so Julia showed off her huge pile of boxes.

隣人ビジネスの屋根のカモメはそれらのチキンを示した。それらは大きくなった!第一に、父カモメは私の友人ではなかった。彼は私を攻撃しようとした。そして、彼は私達のプレッシャー座金に触れた。 私達は現在友人である。

The gulls on the roof of the neighbor business showed their chickens. They got big! First the father gull was not my friend. He tried to attack me. Then he met our pressure washer.  We are now friends.

Head brewer Kees is also good chef. So we got only good meat.

A toast on the holidays.

Our barrel room is almost complete.

At the end of the barbecue I started working. I brew the next beer on Saturday. I already start a "night mash". This is good for heavier beers. You get a more efficient sugar converting. It also saves a lot on time on a brew day. 

After the making the mash, there was a little time for a dance and a beer. I had to get up very early for brewing.

バーベキューパーティーのための腕時計:ICERC 2003 Frogman。私は、太陽がゼリー樹脂を通って輝く方法を愛している。
Wristwatch for a barbecue party: The ICERC 2003 Frogman. I love the way the sun shines through the jelly resin. 


I started early on a relative short day at the brewery. After work there was time for Eva and me to go to Rotterdam for some food and drinks. It is a 80 minute drive. 

もちろん、私はチーズ店で停止で始める。Kaapse 醸造所では、私は見つけた Nogne O(ノルウェー).の皇帝アカビットポーター それが非常によい重いポーターである 。
Of course I start with a stop at the cheese shop. At the Kaapse Brewery I found the Imperial Aquavit Porter of N?gne ? (Norway). it's a very good heavy porter. 

Untappd の新しいバッチ。私は18ヶ月ですでに15のノルウェーのビールを飲んでいた。それはする必要がなかった。私は5月にノルウェービールフェスティバルを訪問した。
A new batch on Untappd. I have drunk already 15 Norwegian beers in 18 months. It was not to hard. I visited a Norwegian Beer Festival in May. 

The tasting room of the brewery has no less than 30 beers on draught. They have a good variety range of good  international craft beers. It's always hard to choose. 

A dry sausage is bought. It is flavored with  酒. It's very delicate. 

Laugar 醸造所のパン皿と樽老いライムギ強さエール。年末に、私達はビルバオの協力醸造酒のための Laugar 醸造所を訪問する(私達はすでにミデルブルグの協力醸造酒をしていた)。
A bread dish and a Barrel Aged Rye Strong Ale of the Laugar brewery. At the end of the year we will visit the Laugar brewery for a collaboration brew in Bilbao (we already have done a collaboration brew in Middelburg). 

家にもたらすためのビール。それは特別なビール形である ベルギーの南のAlvinne醸造所の私達の友人 。また、「子供のヨガ」のまれで、旨いボトル。それはよい穏やかな黒ビールである。

Beer for bringing home. It's a special beer form our friends of the Alvinne brewery in the south of Belgium. Also a rare and delicious bottle of "Children's Yoga". It's a good mild stout. 

The Skyline of Rotterdam is not complete without the silhouette of the "Euromast". 

家に到着する時には、楽しい驚きがあった。私の新しい靴は到着した。私は新しいスニーカーのにおいを愛している。私達自身のビールのボトルは、長い日を終えるために開いていて引かれる。食物と飲み物のための腕時計:黄色 GF-8250「Frogman」、京都の私の記念品。

When arrived at home, there was a pleasant surprise. My new shoes arrived. I love the smell of new sneakers. A bottle of our own beer is pulled open to conclude a long day. Wristwatch for food and drinks: Yellow GF-8250 "Frogman", my souvenir of Kyoto. 



I took a bicycle ride along the canal this morning. Although it is a day off, I went to the brewery. I wanted to make a new level indicator for the warm water tank. Until now, we use chalk to mark the volume. It can easily be erased and I have renewed the markings several times already. 


Posing with the level indicator stick, to see if the height is right. The level glass is shown at the side of the tank. 

それは、 近い水平のインジケータ棒 素晴らしいポジションである。私は、それがよく見えると思う。それも、私達のための役立つツールである。

The level indicator stick near it's fine position. I think it looks good. It will be a helpful tool for us too. 

今日の間Gショックを与えなさい:それは DW-9500US-9VT である。それは US OPEN SURFING 1998 のための特別な版である。

G-Shock for today: It's a DW-9500US-9VT. It's a special edition for the US OPEN SURFING 1998. 




After many years, our old couch was worn out. We ordered a new couch two month ago. Finally it was assembled. It is custom made in our desired fabric and color. It is also very comfortable. 

私は金曜日の夜飲み物のために友人と外出した。私は、目立った腕時計を着用したかった。私は、それの外のパイナップル LRG G-SHOCK を取った トランクである 。私はそれを身に着けているべきであるか?それは、いつも、新しい G-SHOCK を身に着けている時という難しい問題である。もし特別に、それがまれならば。

I went out for a drink with friends Friday night. I wanted to wear an outstanding wristwatch. I took the Pineapple LRG G-SHOCK out of it's trunk. Should I wear it or not? It is always a difficult question when wearing a new G-SHOCK. Specially if it is rare. 

私の LRG との美しい注視。美しい「バニラブラックベルベット」、ロシア皇帝スタウトがいる。
A beautiful look with my LRG. There is a beautiful "Vanilla Black Velvet", a Russian Imperial Stout. 

明らかに、今日のための腕時計はパイナップル LRG G-SHOCK である。
Obviously, the wristwatch for today is the Pineapple LRG G-SHOCK. 


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