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MISS CATHY BRASHER : ミス・キャシー・ブラッシャーの真実!パート2

ももちゃんの勝手な推測だが、He Told Me He Loved Me/Sh... Listen - Chattahoochee 690 (1965)

MURMAIDS Carol and Terry Fischer were sisters, and Sally Gordon was a neighbor. For a
while they were the Murmaids from Los Angeles. The group broke up. Cathy Brasher and
Yvonne Young were the Murmaids of 1966. After that one release on Liberty Records in
1968, the Murmaids folded

For true fan(atic)s I've listed below all the singles I know of by the group and by
original member Terry Fischer and latter day member Cathy Brasher. I don't know of
another case of a record having FOUR alternative flipsides, as with their hit
"Popsicles and Icicles". "Huntington Flats" seems to be the most common in the USA
but "Comedy and Tragedy" is the one to go for as it's one of only two of the four
by the group and is not, so far as I'm aware, available elsewhere. In the UK, all
copies had "Comedy and Tragedy" as the flip. I think this was the only UK release
by any of these artists.

By general comment, the Cathy Brasher records were generally of the bright classic
girl group sound rather than the gentle (used it before but can't think of a better
description) Murmaids or Terry Fischer records. "Song Through Perception" is very
distinctive and a great track - in the folk-rock idiom that was then becoming popular
and rather more like the self-penned records by the Cake (see previous Spectropop postings)
than the Murmaids sound. As always on Spectropop, if anyone can add to
this or spot any errors, please don't hesitate to do so.

The Murmaids:
Popsicles And Icicles/Bunny Stomp (instrumental)
- Chattahoochee 628 (1963)
Popsicles And Icicles/Huntington Flats (instrumental)
- Chattahoochee 628 (1963)
Popsicles And Icicles/Comedy And Tragedy
- Chattahoochee 628 (1963)
Popsicles And Icicles/Blue Dress
- Chattahoochee 628 (1963)
Heartbreak Ahead/He's Good To Me
- Chattahoochee 636 (1964)
Wild And Wonderful/Bull Talk
- Chattahoochee 641 (1964)
Stuffed Animals/Little White Lies
- Chattahoochee 668 (1965)
Go Away/Little Boys
- Chattahoochee 711 (1966)
Paper Sun/Song Through Perception
- Liberty 56078 (1968)

Terry Fischer:
Put Your Hand In The Hand/You've Got to Be Willing
- Decca 32766 (1971)
Child of Mine/How Does It Feel
- Decca 32784 (1971)
Christmas Is Coming/Yule Time
- Bal 101 (1985)
Soft Tears/Tiger Paws
- Bal 910 (1985)

Cathy Brasher:
I'll Remember Jimmy/Too Late To Be Lovers
- Era 3129 (1964)
Only When I Dream/Where Memories Begin
- Lap 1001 (1964)
He Told Me He Loved Me/Sh... Listen
- Chattahoochee 690 (1965)
All I Need To Know/Little Boys (instrumental)
- Chattahoochee 713 (1966)

Ian Slater



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