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うざいオレンジ 3


Orange: How boring.
Tomato: Oh. Oh, where am I?
O: Hey apple, you're back.
T: What?
O: Hey apple, where've you been? (where have you been?)
T: Are you talkin' a me? (Are you talking to me?)
O: Hey, apple.
T: I'm not an apple.
O: Hey. Hey, apple.
T: I'm not an apple.
O: Yeah, yo. You're red. You are an apple.
T: No, no, no-no-no-no, no. You see, I'm a tomato.
O: A tomato? You look like an apple.
T: No, no, no. I'm a fruit like an apple. But I'm not an apple.
O: What? No, you are not. You are vegetable.
T: Well, that's a common misconception. But a tomato like myself, I'm...
O: Hey. Hey apple. Can you spit seeds?
T: What?
O: Like this.
T: Ouch! What's the heck wrong with you?
O: I'm an orange.
T: You never do that to a tomato. Don't you know how easily I bruise?
O: You are a toe-may-toe?
T: It' tomato.
O: Toe-may-toe?
T: To-ma-to. Tomato. It' not hard.
O: Yeah, you're a vegetable.
T: Fruit. I'm a fruit.
O: Uh, uh. You can't be a fruit and a vegetable.
T: I know. I'm not. I'm a fruit. Tomatoes are fruit.
O: No, you are not. Tomatoes are vegetable like pumpkins.
T: Pumpkins are fruit too, you moron.
O: Yeah, and elephants are microwaves.
T: Tomato.
O: Apple.
T: Tomato.
O: Apple.
T: Tomato.
O: Blender.
T: Ah?

O: What's happening to you?
T: Ahhhhhhh
O: Wow. Tomato, are you OK? You are juicy. If you are fruit

O: Hey, tomato. Good to see you. I was hoping that we could catch up.
Get it? Ketchup. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Why aren't you laughing?


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