Age of WuLin Liang

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Forcing PvE upon players who want to get married is ridiculous.In order to get the skill, players will need to accumulate a massive 300 points, and it's possible to kill the same person only twice per Age of WuLin Liang player with one of these scrolls drops that scroll if he is slain, and it can be looted by other players. Moreover, certain NPCs will give hints or advice to players about where people with scrolls might be found.It also requires an affinity value of 2000. 
These values are ridiculous. The affinity value of 2000 is especially damning. It pretty much ensures I will not get married, at least.I'm not sure why Snail chose to rename the Sunflower Manual, since the skill is extremely iconic.People will likely talk about in-game marriage for a long time before they do it, and the girl can be the first one to bring the topic up to the guy. Mechanically, he has to do the proposal, but she can still be the initiator on the social end!Aside from the new character advancement, there is another kind of ultimate scroll: the new Jianghu internal skills "Helianthus Codex" and "Devour the StarsFortunately, upgrade materials may increase in demand, but I'm not sure about this and I'm not holding my breath."We are taking serious measures to solve the latency problems after escalation," the devs promised. "Server fixes are already on their way.This is crazy. The prices are tentatively low, at around 30-50 Age of WuLin Liang for most items. I asked about school array formations, but Snail declined to answer.I'm not sure whether these will come as quest rewards or if they'll be instance drops; The market for gold/jade gear will also definitely increase as people snatch up lower-tier items for converting to higher tier ones.All of the mandatory materials for tier upgrades, save for the Tier 3 to Tier 4 upgrade, will cost silver taels. The jade upgrades will cost 250 liang. For an item of that level, I suppose it's worth it.They will be aimed at characters who have hit Peak of Power or higher martial prowess, which basically means that we'll need stacked meridians to survive.
There will be a ceremony and reception according to the Age of WuLin Liang of the couple, along with a "Matrimonial Chamber" feature that wasn't elaborated on.There is very little to do in this expansion if you don't have leveled meridians and a maxed second or third internal skill.The existing system, while it does do its job, has some flaws in it, so as a career criminal I'm pretty excited to see any changes to the system. Hopefully criminals will get more incentive to be bad, with a corresponding increase in constable incentive to catch them.


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