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Moving this stressful time up two hours benefits everyone. Eastern timezone players get a chance at stalls without having to stay up until three in the morning, and the 10pm time for Age of WuShu Liang is hardly an inconvenience. However, because the timezone shift was unannounced and on a Monday, it took many players by surprise. If you're affected by this change, go to the official forums right now and protest it. If you're not affected, go anyway and protest on behalf of the thousands of people who were royally screwed over by this change. 
We need to show Snail that we have a voice and that we're not happy. I know a lot of you have already posted, but we need to get louder. Go now!I was spying when I glanced at the server clock and noticed that it was 0:00 instead of 22:00. I was unsure what was happening, and I assumed it was some kind of mistake similar to the Suzhou stall fiasco some time ago. "In Age of WuShu Liang, this forum poll was not the impetus for the shift in server time, but rather a way to get the community involved and gather feedback related to planned changes based on internal data. In regards to the amount of notice provided, we did alert players to the change at least 6 hours prior through in game announcements, our forums and social media sites. While this was shorter notice than we anticipated and would have liked, we did not deploy the change without any notice." 
Age of WuShu Liang contends that the in-game announcements were insufficient notice as many players, including Patrick himself, did not see any such notices.It was only after I went to the forums (which I rarely visit) that I found out that there had been an unannounced vote to determine whether there would be a time change. I did not get a world stall that week, which was extremely painful.

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