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This week I wanted to try out the two options that were put up for polls, and once again Age of WuShu Liang Manager Earthquake and Massively columnist Patrick Mackey joined me to explain, hand out tips, and to help me remember how much of a newb I still am.Age of Wushu is a game that allows players to learn as much as they'd like. If I cannot master Demon Heart right now, I will continue to at least utilize many of its coolest abilities like Crossing the Demon's Breath, an area-of-attack skill that can help take down an enemy's health while it hurts me as well. 
The fact that my character punches herself in order to fire off the ability makes it to hard to resist.My guildies and I attempted to save the villagers from a few waves of baddies and then moved on to put out fires that were burning the place down. Unfortunately I found out that the water bucket I used in the single-player instance did not work in this group version. Age of WuShu Liang  took me a while and I felt like I was holding the guild back, but eventually we moved on to the next boss and the loot started pouring in. The instance went rather quickly but the last fight should be noted because it represented another one of the great systems that make Age of Wushu fun.Essentially, players can place a bounty on another player's head and an NPC will be dispatched to take care of the situation. It was a day or two later before I saw the results, but I was even able to watch as the NPC demanded money or death, and felt the satisfaction as the player chose to pay the fine.However, autoguard isn't as bad as people think. In fact, it is an exceptional answer to poor latency and is completely controllable. This works for both attacks and the Wild Goose slide, so you are never limited by human reaction time and can still execute them as fast as lag will allow. And of course, if something happens before lag will allow you to perform your action, you'll block it. he truth is, not many people understand it at all, and even fewer realize the benefits of the system.
If you release guard, you stop blocking and start regenerating guard meter, and you also stop the weakness effect when you block continuously for a while. Age of WuShu Liang the same time, you also send a mixed message to the enemy. You're not blocking, and yet you are still blocking. This can bait a lot of punishment responses that will not punish because you will block them.If you need to break the sticky guard with a different action such as attacking, just mash that action while in block stun. Your character will automatically stop blocking and perform the action. 

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