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Age of WuShu Liang a player’s “Rule Points” exceed 100, and they enter a sect’s scene, they will be teleported directly to the sect; an animated punishment will be broadcast, the player’s Life (HP) will be halved and a strength weakening BUFF will be attached to them for a stipulated time period.'Cultivating a skill' basically means transiting cultivation points from the pool of cultivation points to the selected skill. 
As for exactly how to cultivate a skill, there are 3 available methods. Please look at this picture:The Leader of Wanderer's Valley. He is cunning and sly. Even though he doesn’t deal with everyday issues within Wanderer's Valley, he secretively watches over everything.This method passively cultivates your selected skill at the base rate of 45 cultivation points/15 seconds. This base rate would be increased if your character is at a sacred site relevant to your selected skill. It is recommended to make sure that this Age of WuShu Liang is in use, if the other two methods are not in use.The Wife of Huangpu Xiao. She is the eldest daughter of the Murong Family. She fell in love with Huangfu Yao and joined the Royal Guards; she is now cut off from her family.The skills of this sect are truly unique, and when the founder of the Scholars corrects practitioners he often points out that the skill is based on compassion, then liberating oneself from the yoke of the emotions.
If you were wondering about the supposed musical damaging skills, nope, they do not exist. But some of the Age of WuShu Liang from the Musician life skill is able to debuff enemies.You may spend 50 to 100 Liang of Silver Coins everyday to purchase any of the 3 pills. The more expensive the pill, the more cultivation points could be transited to your selected skill. Emphasis on the auxiliary verb could; the actual amount is random.A girl with a face disfigured while learning evil kung fu. She joined the school with a vow to kill any and all heartbreakers.

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