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Age of WuShu Liang a player’s “Rule Points” exceed 100, and they enter a sect’s scene, they will be teleported directly to the sect; an animated punishment will be broadcast, the player’s Life (HP) will be halved and a strength weakening BUFF will be attached to them for a stipulated time period.'Cultivating a skill' basically means transiting cultivation points from the pool of cultivation points to the selected skill. 
As for exactly how to cultivate a skill, there are 3 available methods. Please look at this picture:The Leader of Wanderer's Valley. He is cunning and sly. Even though he doesn’t deal with everyday issues within Wanderer's Valley, he secretively watches over everything.This method passively cultivates your selected skill at the base rate of 45 cultivation points/15 seconds. This base rate would be increased if your character is at a sacred site relevant to your selected skill. It is recommended to make sure that this Age of WuShu Liang is in use, if the other two methods are not in use.The Wife of Huangpu Xiao. She is the eldest daughter of the Murong Family. She fell in love with Huangfu Yao and joined the Royal Guards; she is now cut off from her family.The skills of this sect are truly unique, and when the founder of the Scholars corrects practitioners he often points out that the skill is based on compassion, then liberating oneself from the yoke of the emotions.
If you were wondering about the supposed musical damaging skills, nope, they do not exist. But some of the Age of WuShu Liang from the Musician life skill is able to debuff enemies.You may spend 50 to 100 Liang of Silver Coins everyday to purchase any of the 3 pills. The more expensive the pill, the more cultivation points could be transited to your selected skill. Emphasis on the auxiliary verb could; the actual amount is random.A girl with a face disfigured while learning evil kung fu. She joined the school with a vow to kill any and all heartbreakers.

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If you can take your eyes off the aerial Age of WuShu Liang for a moment or two, you'll also get a glimpse of AoW's gorgeous environments, which run the gamut from snowy mountainscapes to sunlit gorges and idyllic ancient Chinese villages.Snail Games has announced that the free-to-play martial arts MMORPG will release on May 3, 2013. However, fans eager to get in and experience the upcoming sandbox game can look forward to two closed beta sessions, one in November and one in December.
Upon logging in, you will not only collect the nice things you got for working but will be notified if you were kidnapped. You can try to escape or hope your guild pays a ransom to have you returned. Your captors choose your new location, though, so eveThere is blacksmithing, tailoring, lumberjacking, cooking, fishing, and more. You can choose two production skills and three gathering skills. Crafters can even go head-to-head against each other for prizes and experience.n if you do escape, you could end up in a place you've never been to or even an enemy fortress!The gift sets have the additional perk of allowing players into an exclusive access period starting February 1st, giving them 90 days of play before the official launch.Age of WuShu Liang is a martial arts sandbox MMO that takes place in gorgeous ancient China. If you've ever seen a period piece from that country, you already know how graceful these stylized fights can be; now you'll see them in an online game. 
Massively sent two plucky game journalists -- Beau Hindman and Karen Bryan -- to Austin, Texas, for this year's Age of WuShu Liang, where they'll be reporting back on MMO trends, community theory, old favorites, and new classics. Stay tuned for even more highlights from the show!It starts to get interesting, however, when you acquire new "flying" skills out in the game world. For example, you may defeat a boss who drops a scroll that lets you run up walls in classic Chinese martial arts movie style. Another possible option is double-jumping in the air.

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New workbenches and "tier 5 equipment" will be available, as will the most frightening thing of all: Inner 4 skill books. The power ceiling is rising once again, so be ready to fight for internal skill upgrades!Next time, we'll cover the new alignment system changes (and they're cool!), as well as the new instances and school martial arts, plus possibly some other things that were discussed in the interview questions.Many people consider a wedding day to be a big deal, and Age of Wushu Liang upcoming marriage system provides a good helping of pomp and circumstance to accompany player nuptials.
or those who don't yet have a companion, the marriage system has you covered: Unattached characters can register with the Matchmaker in hopes of finding a suitable suitor. Once you find your match, male characters have to do the proposing by offering a betrothal gift (a self-determined amount of Taels) that, if accepted, starts the whole process rolling.That fee of 400 liang is more than a lot of people have (remember those old market posts?), and the most expensive wedding clocks in at a monstrous 10 ding.These will be Age of Wushu Liang, high-powered instances for high-level players. They will be aimed at characters who have hit Peak of Power or higher martial prowess, which basically means that we'll need stacked meridians to survive.We'll also be getting the new fourth martial arts sets, the titular Ultimate Scrolls of the expansion. I'm not sure whether these will come as quest rewards or if they'll be instance drops; I'm guessing the former since the school instances will be adding new storyline to the game." While Snail was not very clear on what the skills were or how to obtain them, I am a bit fortunate to have some knowledge in that regard already.Many people consider a wedding day to be a big deal, and Age of Wushu's upcoming marriage system provides a good helping of pomp and circumstance to accompany player nuptials. A player with one of these scrolls drops that scroll if he is slain, and it can be looted by other players. Moreover, certain NPCs will give hints or advice to players about where people with scrolls might be found.Those are the main features that Snail told me about in the winter expansion. Of course, there might be other features (especially iteration on existing features) that weren't covered.Unattached characters can register with the Matchmaker in hopes of finding a suitable suitor. 
Once you find your match, male characters have to do the proposing by offering a betrothal gift (a self-determined amount of Taels) that, if accepted, starts the whole process rolling.Age of Wushu Liang accumulate points to learn the skill by killing other players within a certain time window. Additionally, players lose points every 10 minutes while logged in. In other words, going for these skills means virtually dedicating all of your online time on that character to getting it. 

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This week I wanted to try out the two options that were put up for polls, and once again Age of WuShu Liang Manager Earthquake and Massively columnist Patrick Mackey joined me to explain, hand out tips, and to help me remember how much of a newb I still am.Age of Wushu is a game that allows players to learn as much as they'd like. If I cannot master Demon Heart right now, I will continue to at least utilize many of its coolest abilities like Crossing the Demon's Breath, an area-of-attack skill that can help take down an enemy's health while it hurts me as well. 
The fact that my character punches herself in order to fire off the ability makes it to hard to resist.My guildies and I attempted to save the villagers from a few waves of baddies and then moved on to put out fires that were burning the place down. Unfortunately I found out that the water bucket I used in the single-player instance did not work in this group version. Age of WuShu Liang  took me a while and I felt like I was holding the guild back, but eventually we moved on to the next boss and the loot started pouring in. The instance went rather quickly but the last fight should be noted because it represented another one of the great systems that make Age of Wushu fun.Essentially, players can place a bounty on another player's head and an NPC will be dispatched to take care of the situation. It was a day or two later before I saw the results, but I was even able to watch as the NPC demanded money or death, and felt the satisfaction as the player chose to pay the fine.However, autoguard isn't as bad as people think. In fact, it is an exceptional answer to poor latency and is completely controllable. This works for both attacks and the Wild Goose slide, so you are never limited by human reaction time and can still execute them as fast as lag will allow. And of course, if something happens before lag will allow you to perform your action, you'll block it. he truth is, not many people understand it at all, and even fewer realize the benefits of the system.
If you release guard, you stop blocking and start regenerating guard meter, and you also stop the weakness effect when you block continuously for a while. Age of WuShu Liang the same time, you also send a mixed message to the enemy. You're not blocking, and yet you are still blocking. This can bait a lot of punishment responses that will not punish because you will block them.If you need to break the sticky guard with a different action such as attacking, just mash that action while in block stun. Your character will automatically stop blocking and perform the action. 

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Moving this stressful time up two hours benefits everyone. Eastern timezone players get a chance at stalls without having to stay up until three in the morning, and the 10pm time for Age of WuShu Liang is hardly an inconvenience. However, because the timezone shift was unannounced and on a Monday, it took many players by surprise. If you're affected by this change, go to the official forums right now and protest it. If you're not affected, go anyway and protest on behalf of the thousands of people who were royally screwed over by this change. 
We need to show Snail that we have a voice and that we're not happy. I know a lot of you have already posted, but we need to get louder. Go now!I was spying when I glanced at the server clock and noticed that it was 0:00 instead of 22:00. I was unsure what was happening, and I assumed it was some kind of mistake similar to the Suzhou stall fiasco some time ago. "In Age of WuShu Liang, this forum poll was not the impetus for the shift in server time, but rather a way to get the community involved and gather feedback related to planned changes based on internal data. In regards to the amount of notice provided, we did alert players to the change at least 6 hours prior through in game announcements, our forums and social media sites. While this was shorter notice than we anticipated and would have liked, we did not deploy the change without any notice." 
Age of WuShu Liang contends that the in-game announcements were insufficient notice as many players, including Patrick himself, did not see any such notices.It was only after I went to the forums (which I rarely visit) that I found out that there had been an unannounced vote to determine whether there would be a time change. I did not get a world stall that week, which was extremely painful.

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