Always Love Alexei Yagudin

Мы всегда любим Лешу!


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What a gorgeous show! Fantastic skaters, brilliant lighting, beautiful screen movies, etc. It was a perfect
sophisticated entertainment.
Really enthusiastic crowd gave yells and standing ovations to all skaters. I'm sure it was great part
of this show.
Thanks billions to everyone who was involved in this project! I liked everything!

Here is my impression.

Kim Yuna
She was the Queen surely. On the way to the arena from the metro station, a lot of huge banners were hung
both side on the bridge. Amazing!
“All of Me” with 3 World Champions, Patrick Chan, Stephane Lambiel, Brian Joubert and 1 Olympic
Champion, Alexei Yagudin. Just gorgeous!
Honestly she missed 1 jump in “Roxanne” on the 2nd day. But she made it and performed perfect on the
3rd day. I saw the real competitor in her. The audience was not able to wait standing up until she
finished the performance, but gave standing ovation with her last spin already.
There were the questions and the answers corner after the public rehearsal. One of her fans asked Alexei
to give advice to come back to the competitions for Yuna. Alexei answered, “All skaters have different
ways, so I don’t say anything to her. I only say nothing is better than Olympic Gold. She already got it.
But who can stop her?” The more she performs, the more she becomes beautiful and artistic. Look forward
to seeing her in competitions.

Stephane Lambiel
One of highlights in this show was his “Violin Concerto in D major” by Tchaikovsky. He expressed sadness
and love with the beautiful melody. It was like the last scene of the film “La Concert”. The video clip
was the best with this program on the screen. It made dreaming harmony with his performance. Very
In the Q&A corner after the public rehearsal, a guy asked to Stephane, “My girl friend wanted to see Yuna,
so I took her to the ice show. In the show, she said “wow” to Yuna, but “woooooow” more loudly to
Stephane. As a boy friend, what should I do?” Stephane answered “don’t be jealous! You should yell
"wooooow" more loudly than your girlfriend to Yuna.” Actually we saw Alexei gave hint to Stephane, but
Stephane was too ashamed to say it. Wondering what they talked.

Joannie Rochette
I thought her jumps kept good more constant than any other skaters. Wish to know her secret why she
became so beautiful.
“Barlesque” was one of high lights, too. She performed with punch sung by soulful Christina Aguilera.

Laura Lepisto and Kira Korpi
Unfortunately they missed some jumps, but who minded it? Just elegant and beautiful!

Brian Joubert
I saw his “Gladiator” for the first time. One of my friends said it was like a love letter to Alexei from
Brian. He looked happiest standing next to Alexei in group numbers. Wondering if he has the same feelings
with Alexei’s fans.

Patrick Chan
How deep his edge worked! I agreed his basic skating is the most beautiful in the world these days.

Totmianina & Marinin
“Exchange of Relatives” was the same choreography with “Snow” they performed on the Ice Age tour last
season. I liked the original music better for this program.
It has already passed 6 years after they won at Olympics, but they still keep throw triple jumps. Great!

Savchenko & Szolkowy
Honestly I felt they would be more brilliant in competitions than in shows. It was fun to see their
performances, but expected more.

Alexei Yagudin
In the Q&A session after the public rehearsal, Stephane was joking, “Alexei is like our baby. He has a
baby in real, so we are grandfather and grandmother, lol.” I agreed! Alexei looked like a naughty boy in
group numbers, rehearsals and the video clip.
But in his solo performances, he showed the quite different faces.
In “Liber Tango”, he was so sexy and adult. As soon as he appeared on the ice, huge yell and cry
followed him. He looked very proud of it.
“Burn my Shadow” was the best on the 2nd day and the 3rd day in all performances I have ever seen.
Really passionate and energetic! The crowd gave him the wave of yells following him skate and thunderous
applause and full standing ovation. After this program, he did pushing up on the 2nd day and break dance
on the 3rd day.
It was like conversation between Alexei and the crowd. The more passionate Alexei performed, the more
enthusiastic crowd cheered him up. The more loudly crowd yelled, the more soulful Alexei answered.
I am sure it was one of the high lights in the show. And it was the moment I want to have.
I’d love to see him, no matter how often I saw him, because I have been loving him better than any
others in the universe


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