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Lyosha used to be named “Man calling a storm” when he often came to Japan. And now he has called a storm again!

December 31st, 2004: he made the publishing party of his autobiography in Tokyo. Usually it doesn't snow in Tokyo in December, but it was heavy snowing then. The bullet trains were delayed and some flights were cancelled, so some people could not make it to the party. In 2003-2005, even if the weather information was fine, we had to take umbrellas, because Lyosha often brought snow or heavy rain. We used to whined why Lyosha brought storms so often

October 5th, 2012: it was very beautiful day, but the storm happened in Saitama Super Arena. Cheers, applause, emotion and tears... Lyosha made it again!
It has passed 5 years after his last competition in 2007 Japan Open, and 3 years after his last coming to Japan in 2009 Carnival on Ice. As far as I knew, his fans came to see him from the North Hokkaido or the South Kyusyu, by airplanes, Shinkansen or midnight busses. All of his fans, who knew him for a long time or just knew him recently, assembled there and hung up Russian flags in all sections as much as people wondered here was in Russia.
The more Lyosha performed, the bigger the storm became. It flew over barriers and borders, not only for people inside of the arena but also millions of people thru Twitter and SNS.

“Medal Winners Open” October 5th
After all Lyosha was not a past competitor, but is it now. Yes, he is the competitor from his birth. It was hardly to imagine in his tweets a couple of days before coming to Japan, but he had much more adrenalin in the competition than any other shows.
In 6 minutes warming up, when other skaters started jumping, so did Lyosha... I shouted "please stop!" in my heart, but knew he didn't. My heart was drumming every time he jumped.
It was said Lyosha made all of triple jumps including axel in 2 days after he started practice for the competition. But his right leg for getting down on the ice, the hip replaced by titan and the wasted knee did not let him make it. If his hip and knee kept healthy, he could do any jumps, spins and all elements... Of course it's in a dream, but I only hoped the God let Lyosha skate as high level as he wanted and as long as he wished...
What a great performance he made!!! He did 3S and the combination jumps, although he only did 3T in shows these years. His steps kept quick and sharp, and his performance was filled with his heart and soul. With the music “Burn my Shadow”, Lyosha burned all of his energy and passion.
His former coaches, Alexei Mishin and Nikorai Morozov watched his performance by the rink, and did the standing ovation after the performance. Morozov welcomed Lyosha with big hug, and Lyosha was brilliant with a sense of achievement. He limped a little, but how gorgeous he looked!
The thunderous applause and full standing ovation in all arena proved the fact which his performance touched people much better than the score by judges

“Carnival on Ice” October 6th
Wondered what program Lyosha would perform... the symbolic program as other legend skaters or the new program for Japanese fans who did not see him oversees...
Lyosha chose the new one, as he did. Piazolla “Libertango” came from him.
The show was the most gorgeous in the world and in the figure skating history. The great World and Olympic Champions in 20 years performed on the ice together. I was sure Lyosha's poses skating before jumps and getting down on the ice were more beautiful than any other skaters, including young eligible skaters. His steps were powerful and sharp with huge clapping.
In Finale, Lyosha led other skaters make bows not only to long sections but also to short sections, and made a pair move with Canderolo. Lyosha was the best entertainer and the sweetest-hearted star for people.

Hopefully he will gain the top of the artist in theatres and films, as he did on the ice. I believe he can do it!!!
Thanks billions for everything, Lyosha!!!
Look forward to seeing him again


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