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Here are my impressions of Medal Winners Open and Carnival on Ice about other skaters.

How gorgeous the skaters list was! Especially, all skaters of Medal Winners Open and Japan Open plus guests, Olympic and World Champions in 20 years participated in Carnival on Ice. It was too amazing to see it in other skating competitions or shows!!!
Thanks billions to all of staff, organizers, sponsors and performers! Really lucky to see such a extraordinary show in the arena live.

Michal Brezina
Finally we could see his Kodo program in Japan. As soon as the music started, the crowd yelled loudly. We waited to see it, as he waited to perform it in Japan. Very passionate and energetic. Thanks a lot for his love to Japan!

Takahiko Kozuka
Finally his dream had come true! His idols, Tomoyasu Hotei played “the guitar concert” live and Kurt Browning skated with Taka. Priceless collaboration with Taka, Kurt, Jeffrey and Hotei! Very excited!!!

Kurt Browning
Happy to see his 2 legend programs! He danced very lightly in “Singing in the Rain”, and performed hot in “Nyah”. I love music by Hans Zimmer, of course “Gladiator”, too.
And thanks a lot for sharing photos on his official website.

Daisuke Takahashi
It looks like he is loved by judges very much! As soon as he finished his performance, they gave him standing ovations before audience stood up! Honestly his performance was great and amazing! He has already made the programs perfect before GP series competitions, like Alexei made it when he was an eligible skater.

Mao Asada
She was lovely and cute! Happy to see her smiles back! ”Merry Poppins” program suited well with her. Hopefully she will have a good season.

Shizuka Arakawa
She looked more beautiful than ever. Ina Bauer got the huge applause as always.

Irina Slutskaya
Wondering when she got back triple jumps after 2nd baby birth. Her sharp skating and beautiful spins also came back. Her smile was just charming!

Joannie Rochette
I love the atmosphere she makes on the ice. Sexy but graceful, rhythmic but willowy. Her original world caught hearts of crowd.

Jeffrey Buttle
Honestly, I was not surprised he won at MWO. He was the youngest and knew CoP very well as an eligible skater. But it’s great he has been making big efforts to keep high level after his retirement.

Takeshi Honda
It was pity he handed down 3A. But his long eagle has been very beautiful.

Ilia Kulik
He looked very serious for figure skating. His honesty made his performances great.

Philippe Candeloro
D'Artagnan again! He looked tired to perform all 3.5 minutes, but lucky to see his legend program. The crowd fevered with his "Saturday night fever".

Evgeni Plushenko
I heard he succeeded 2 quads in Japan Open. He did not seem to get surgery again this summer. Very quick recovery! Wish he will make his dream true.

A great show gives people happiness and energy. Thanks, all!


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