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We Shall Know No Fear (かの者ら、恐怖を知らざる者ゆえに)



ギラ・ドーガ... (part 8)

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update on the body part... and the pair of legs is getting the shape done by now...



E-P1 first step into...

2009/8/20(木) 午前 4:48

Today I have picked up these 2 adapter for micro 4/3... Olympus MF-2 OM Adapter and Panasonic DMW-MA2M Leica M Moun ...すべて表示すべて表示

電撃2009 - 男人の浪漫(ザクII)...

2009/7/31(金) 午前 3:03

電撃2009 - 男人の浪漫(ザクII) HGUC 1/144

電撃2009 - COMPLETED!!...

2009/7/30(木) 午後 3:57

since the rule is not allow to post the final work b4 the show start... so I will post it tonite...