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V., interior monologue

The class was lovelorn wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, the noisy class no peace.
Good friends came to me, I feel quite take pleasure in other people's misfortune, white her one eye, say: "have no conscience, he somehow is also your classmates!"
She didn't answer me, but asked me,Men clothing hk a love of people?
So, I was silent for a moment. But with most conventional a band, in school period does not allow the puppy love.
Her white my one eye, call no appeal.
I was silent, but memories flooded.
Yes, I had a crush on a person, I can never get a life.
It is secret.
Qiazhiyisuan, this is my secret love promised fifth years.
Promise, you know, I was so miss you, read you laugh, your good, your everything made me deeply.
Promise, from junior high school to now, I had to sigh the flight of time. When I don't have to share with you my everything, but you leave quietly, let L and I can't let go, you will not be able to run aground, nor will we happy memories of that period of deep buried.
You came into my world, and in my world stopped for a short period of time is not. Either before or now, I always think you are a warm and wet gentleman, your warm smile, subtle care, undeniable, in my heart of a wave after wave ripples, let my heart trembled. I think, at that time, I just love you! So direct, without warning, a crush on youluxury travel Italy.
And you in the together time more long, I think the more I rely on you, you are so spoil me, even me, even though I know it is a sister like care. But I still love you, love you, I think, that love should be clean, without asking for anything in return. That is because, I love you, has nothing to do with you.
This may be the fate! Destiny only let you meet me, don't let me fall in love with you. It is not fair that I met you, but also in love with you. But also to you in my life is not erase the pain, even though I've been really hard to forget you, but always imperceptibly heard your gentle voice: girl, walking can't lower the head, the next time I can not guarantee that I will go before you!
This is my walking is accidentally hit him.
"Girl, you are a pig head, this problem should be such solutions"
This is he in me changed title when the discipline is.
How can I forget you? My dear.
Forget your good, your bad, your smile... Everything of youdoctorate in business administration?
But now, I just know, you are my none such under heaven, the one and only!
Becoming loose are my clothes yet I regret not, for her I languish and suffer willingly.


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