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all view temple is a provincial

Development of Jizhou kiln porcelain promoted Yonghe Town, commercial prosperity, now the town remained a sagger and kiln brick The Strip Road, north-south longitudinal and transverse. Presents the old porcelain thriving, bustling markets, lively scene PolyU DBA.
"The scale of the streets bustling Yonghe town with seventy-two Street" in the Southern Song Dynasty when the height, the Yonghe market now to the Tong Mu Qiao Xiao Jia is bounded, locally known as "city", to the north as a "city", to the South called "listed". "Liu Jie" is the ancient Yonghe Town, six busy roads, respectively, "porcelain Street", "Lian Chi Jie", "the thatched Street", "Tin Street", "Yuanyang Street" and "Ying Xian Jie", the street name and approximate position and Yonghe sites distribution agreement. Among them, "the thatched Street" is the main channel for ceramic fuel transport, while the "Yuanyang Street" is a song the most bustling street.
Many places of historic interest and scenic beauty Yonghe town. According to Xiao Jia Cun Yong He Zhen Xiao "Genealogy" records, according to mark the Yonghe monuments chart song ancient streets and places of historic interest and scenic beauty has 65, and pavilions, terraces and open halls, CI Zong temple and other places of historic interest and scenic beauty is more than 40. Among them, the most famous places of historic interest and scenic beauty of 15, known as the "Dongchang fifteen king", respectively Fenggang Vihara, the prime minister, Ouyang Jiancheng study Taiwan temple, Liu Jian Zhen temple, temple, "all stand, Xiu Shui Gou, Dongpo well, Buddha, green square, basking tomb pool of money, Jin Fengqiao, lotus pond street, kiosks and auxiliary Shun temple. Now the historic spots and enumerate a hundred years, the scourge of military disaster has all gone, these landscape most, some only ruins. Now, a lot of foreign tourists to the Yonghe Town, a glimpse of Jizhou kiln site style. Only 24 of Jizhou kiln sites Yao Ling, Mao Anling, Niu Guling, Ling, Ling back kiln door, Guan Tang Ling, Ling, the pig woman, Jiang Jialing Shiling, seven eye Tang Ling, Pine Ridge, Cao Menling, Ge Ling, Yin Shan buried hill, "Si Ling, Jiang Ling, once home to the lecture Tai Ling, Ling, oblique Jia Ling, Maple Ridge, Shu Ling, Ling, extension of their day Ling, WA Yao Ling, such as gang like Fu kiln bag well-proportioned embedded in the town next to the field, show the ancient town in former days brilliant to people not only of the languageCloud Provider.
In the "Dongchang fifteen king", and "all view temple is a provincial heritage conservation units. All values located in Yonghe Zhen Tong Mu Qiao Cun, founded in the year, while the "great concept of" three words for the Northern Song Jianzhong Yasukuni year (AD 1101) spring, the 66 year old Su Dongpo swim Yonghe town of calligraphy. And is located in Yonghe Yao Ling stands during the Rigpa temple built in the Tang Kaiyuan years, tower 36 meters high, brick wood structure, the eight surface of the nine layer, the first layer to the fifth layer hollow, spiral stairs and. The tower has become one of the signs of Yonghe town of ancient buildings.
Jizhou kiln sites located in the west side of the Ganjiang River in Yonghe Town, adjacent to the northeast, by Lin home and extension under the tree, to the tower of southwest boat hill, 2 km long, northwest by the kiln door ridge, to the southeast side of the auxiliary Shun Temple 1.5 km wide. The Yonghe Town remained a sagger and kiln brick The Strip Road, this area is the ancient "Dongchang" county seat. Jizhou kiln kiln with waste, porcelain and furniture can be found everywhere. The existing 24 disused kiln, including Yao Ling, "Si Ling, the stage doctoral degree business, the Maple Ridge

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