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The eldest brother

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Eldest brother and I am not a mother. At that time, poor health condition, second brother just came to this world, their mother has not had time to look, due to excessive blood loss, never spare on the eyes. In the face of this sudden bad luck, and the infant baby, father come not nasty half thinking, only the second brother foster in dopted mother home, sadly and say good cloth card every year two feet, money and the grain number of two hundred. Dopted mother home only have one daughter, but the second brother then became their children forever headphone amp
But to my understanding, the eldest brother is already home for farming. I later slowly know, mother is almost the same as all the stepmother, the eldest brother isn't good. Eldest brother go to school to read to the third grade, the family will not let him read it. Seems to be from the age of 12 or 13, he went to work take responsibility the breadwinner. Listen to three elder brother later, eldest brother was strength is small, can only carry two bun cage one day only four division. 
To I can remember, the eldest brother was 15, eldest brother come back from the fields in their day, I like the tail behind him. We have no spare house, I also not her parents at a time, with the eldest brother came to the backyard of a shelter, sitting on the kang, under the large lamp, see the eldest brother and lock cylinder uncle a group of peers, covered with a quilt on the light table poker. Tired then threw around eldest brother into the sweet dreams. 
We murakami Yu son, also is what people call a reed, it can be more useful, quality can be sold to the public and the rich people tied ceiling, general can matting, is the most bad can also state kiln back, press the rows. Especially after the winter snow, the field can't work. Almost in their home has a man is writing, before the first to use a tool called the lock, turn to matting of reeds into a refers to how wide, with the tool of despotism, then dial to the leaf, every time when I was sitting next to the eldest brother, such as he finished the leaves, and then looking at the eldest brother hugged it to be present, in the importance to crush or under development, after several times of the original is still very hard reeds at this time has become soft like noodles. Mat is also a kind of skill, besides because of the length of production, generally with two patterns. That made up the seat is not only beautiful, but also particularly strong. Whenever in my spare time, I will follow eldest brother came to live in my grandpa in the kiln, in the faint light of staple, looking at the eldest brother that loving, I also invite invite to try. Whenever this time, the eldest brother will touch from me to a two don't know where to get the notes, and as a reward in my hand, looked at the BiMian cars and planes, I seem to see the real thing. It's a pity that I was clumsy, until now also could not make a complete seats.
 NuHart But eldest brother made up seats were called father back to town to buy off. Worth that year ago, although a nation-level seats can only buy six or seven yuan, but it can change a lot. Years ago, no matter who as long as it can make up five or six seats to zhang will spend a wonderful year. 
Later, murakami learned friend a few more years, or into the city, when the workers have been recommended to the university. Looking at the eldest brother that was the envy of vision, father heart afflictive be nasty. That year winter conscription, we murakami had a quota of people. Because our family is poor, the eldest brother to not only fight, and experience all qualified. But is this bone eyes, murakami's secretary of the little people carefully, because with his father and don't come, then to do worship, rain, refers to the high touch their own rights to commune, said his father's history has a problem, if the eldest brother became a soldier, he is going to play in the central. In that class struggle is the key link of s, and who are willing to work with your it doesn't matter, and find needless trouble! The reasons of knowing that he was not a soldier, a character lang opened like home of the eldest brother said nothing, he did not laugh, also not so, come back from the fields every day, always take more than an inch thick novels, maybe his heart will be better. Looking at the eldest brother that painful back, father's guilt. But the body under the eaves, have to bottom head! 
After her mother died, and the eldest brother from Rio back home at the construction site of the river, the mother has been buried in the day before. That day, I came back from school, see the eldest brother in wood to cry in front of the stove, he cry is so sad! Although mother during his lifetime of elder brother is not good, but he came back from the fields every day, always eat a hot meal, a drink hot water, but now we have nothing left. 
Eldest brother married, he has nearly 30. This on the future of modern people seem nothing. In our rural areas, then if I can't marry a wife again, can only play on lifelong bachelor or marry a woman already married. But I know, this is not to the eldest brother long is not good, but we have to drag down the big brother. Me not a hear, no matter the eldest brother in the reservoir at the construction site, or in the garden in the later, have a lot of girls around him, and even a ChiHuangLiang woman also has a special liking to the eldest brother, I have seen her, she looks fantastic. Just like picture guy. File a body the family and the great differences, however, can only be parted. In those years, I often wake up from the middle of the night, will see the eldest brother in bed looking at more than one inch thick novels. Only in the father's sigh, reluctantly to sleep. 
To when I was in school outside, rags, and looked at me eldest brother very sad. He often took off his clothes, and be on me. But at that time, I only want to be a painter, all day long with a pencil stroke, east and GuFu eldest brother a painstaking. In junior high school graduation year that I didn't take an examination of what good school, but also have to continue to go to school. At the time of school to be over. I was in the yard to tears, and the best of all its father is indifferent. Perhaps only read a few gobbledygook's sake! At the time of the last to leave to go, or body touch lend the eldest brother come from 15 yuan. Looked at as the father's elder brother, my hair, open, not for me!!!!!!! In order to eldest brother I also want to good books. Although my grades later in the class is very good. But poor suffering life, finally forever rob me of my student cliff. 
Then the eldest brother on the team when village chief. In order to bring them out of poverty as soon as possible to get rich. He has four, murakami plant a smoke test and crops, how long! To visit the car in an endless stream, city, province, even a foreigner is coming! Especially later planted hundreds of acres of starkrimson, under one jin of auction to two KuaiBaMao money. So under the guidance of the eldest brother, our village soon became famous FuYuCun distances. Families not only live on the new house, also bought a tractor and motorcycle g-suite
In order to completely change people's draft, he and two north of yan 'an. Finally, the drilling team. The village head and the noise of the machine. Whenever in dinner, men and women, old and young, people will be here after a few more eye! When the shaft spare clear spring water, smile! Smile is so happy. The old people smile! Smile is so happy. 
As the eldest brother went for team building brick factory on again. Murakami's several no pains, and flap unidentified truth of the masses; Said the eldest brother not only money on corruption team, drilling light soon, ate a lot of jin. But they also don't want to think, without a penny of revenue in my team. Results XiangShang bearer, the county people. And's procuratorate, the outcome is, the eldest brother not disorderly spend above dial down a cent, but patchwork affixed to the thousands of dollars. At the meeting, I saw the uniformed staff scolded: you don't want to want to the size of the county, no water village to eat so much? Why not open to other village, don't say he's not a penny, is thousands of 2800, away from home not gift-giving, buy one or two packs of cigarettes is also human nature. 

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