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Busy day

Lined up to buy tickets to get in, it was already noon, I get the driver go to another town, I want to be in all the traffic police brigade in the rest of the several counties next week visit, suddenly a little hungry and thirsty, can figure out soon to the county seat, I'll listen to music to appease hunger. 
I walk in the hurrying crowd watching both of them are busy, Hong Kong delivery flower I quickly put the headphone out of the ear, tucked into the bag, so that this moment carefree in the crowd 
Out of place. 
On the way from the station to the hotel, I met a woman, his work with a roasted sweat potapoes carrying bursts to bite the bullet wind, looking around in the wind, that look murky and shining brilliantly, and from near and far away, write full of expectation and disappointment in her eyes. I passed from her, she looked up at me, I am very tired also very hungry, but don't let me stop, cold again in her anticipation eyes move back and forth. 
Wrapped tight clothes I move on, I know that the voyage is a person, the heart suddenly extremely lonely and fear, this strange city, strange people, strange every face, and I have no sense of direction, can't remember the name of each street, also don't know every street, I was trying to say I see buildings, is looking forward to can stay residence. I put my fragile and fear like protection of warm, tightly wrapped in. 
I saw several workers dressed in dirty clothes and paint on the black window, it tastes pungent and familiar, see them I think of my father, at the moment he estimates are wearing is not too clean clothes, somewhere as busy as they are. 
I in this alley turned in the streets of a big circle, still didn't see the hotel, the sky gradually dim down, by the side of the road flashing billboards are lit up, old woman still there looking, his work with the roasted sweat potapoes without a customer. I'm sure after I find a hotel to buy her a few sweet potatoes, she waiting and looking forward to a little let a person love dearly luxury wine tasting
I think I'm lost, I pretended to calm, to see around, the previous two direction, I don't know which direction will have hotels, mobile phone has no electricity, navigation has become a luxury, although I also look not to understand the map. Heart at this time of fear has started making, and even began to blame why do I have to travel, a person come to this place. 
I saw a woman in front, holding the child, walking slowly in the wind, I hear the voice of the wind is blowing children making baby ah, seems to be very happy appearance, I suddenly think of my son, haven't see for faster one or two months, last night the phone he gaga has provoked laughter, tears welled up in my eyes I'm a little homesick, also want to daughter-in-law, around for a long time did not take her out to see the scenery I don't want to a person. 
Fear and lonely in gradually disappear, that exists in the mind a little complain also disappeared, perhaps busy and travel to heart that CARES, just look up not far away, I saw the glittering hotel, as if I have seen the warm, see me go on the way home... 
"Get off, wake up, arrived!" Driver is twisting his head to shout me, originally this is just a dream. 
I took off the headphones, back pack, hazy out of the car, on the way to the hotel, he found a is in the wind with rickets waist, real estate agency hong kong looking around in the crowd of his work with selling roasted sweat potapoes on the old lady. 


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