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It's not my fault! I seriously had plans -- big plans -- for this week's schedule. But then Mr. Lefebvre had to go and derail my entire thought process with his call to cheese.More details about the upcoming patch and the new region will be coming over the next few days. Until then, get a glimpse of these upcoming dangers in the trailer after the break.e sure to catch the clip after the cut, and don't forget that Dragon's Prophet gold is free-to-play right now. 
You can download the client via the official website link after the video.Dubbed the Frontier System, this combination puts PvP on the housing islands of Auratia. However, the implementation is probably not quite what players envisioned when they first heard about it. Luckily, I got a pretty good look at how it all works from my invulnerable perch and can share that with you.Aside from being able to set the taxation rates on that island, Highlords can also manage several defensive buffs to give the defending forces an advantage against would-be assaults.And if adventurers vanquish all four, there is an even more powerful fifth raid boss to face, whose identity will remain secret until the day of the patch. Take a look at the vicious behemoths you'll be facing in the five new images below.It's always nice when new updates come close on the heels of launch. Sure, you've had only a little time to play and haven't yet explored all of the launch content, but updates give you the feeling of a game that keeps getting updated rather than one that's stagnant.As demonstrated in the dev tour, the PvP system starts off on the housing islands and does impact them, but the major battles take place in a special instanced area.Dragon's Prophet gold may barely be (officially) out of the gate, but Infernum isn't going to let a little thing like launch slow it down.Be sure to jump in the chat room to ask questions and give advice. 
Dragon's Prophet gold can always use advice!What dangers will players meet in this new landThere are actually a number of different elements built into the battlefield. Carson explained, "We put some balancing factors in to make it a little more strategic.Carrying one of these crystals also gives the player a special buff, so anyone who mouses over the player will notice that he is carrying a crystal and can then attack to make him drop it.


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