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This article is to describe about a robot which appears in this video.
forwarded from Nico Nico Douga http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm14365038

So, I'll receive message about one, but I won't receive mental abuses.

The trigger was watching this video.

I thought this is very funny. 
Therefore, I thought it's mottainai that this video doesn't have BGM.
So, I decided to add matrix's BGM and to make this one more exciting.

I knew this BGM in this video which was made by Anomaro.
forwarded from Nico Nico Douga http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm2137706

It made me laugh very much.
It was funny that so many Agent Smith use all their force to attack only one girl Miku Hastune.
And comment arts were GOOD!JOB! in Nico Nico.
You should watch this one in Nico Nico!

And, boxes that turns off its switch when you turn it on have been made for a so long time that I'm not able to know the origin.
So, many people make one. And, I thought I want to make one.

These are materials.
I bought all at akizukidenshi.com.

This is the schematic.

Ser:servo motor
TA8428K:motor driver
TA4805S:adjustable regulator

This is the final product.

This electronic circuit has several problems because it consists of minimum parts.

The most terrible problem is that if all motors (servo motors and DC-motors) drive at once, the current for CPU become unbalance. Then the robot gets hung up.
Hence, I had unplugged servo motors before it started running. 
This problem can be solved by adding another power supply for motors or adding a huge capacitance to the supply of CPU.
But I didn't have parts for that.

This is a vague electronic circuit. So, I can't promise the complete movement.

Incidentally, the switch isn't the power switch.
I never said "this is the power switch".  So, I haven't told a lie:D 

If its switch is turned on, it lights the LED, and opens its lid by sevo1, and it turns off its switch by servo2, after that does the opposite movement, then done.

I changed the software every time that I changed the camera view and the movement of the robot.
It was the best way to make the video because I had only one camera.
Of cause, the series of the movement like the video can be come true to remake the software. 

And, the power of DC-motors was suppressed to 30-50% by a PWM control to save them.
So, the robot can run around with the speed about twice the video.
Instead, you can smell the smell like something is burning.

I tried my best for its looks and the edit of the video.
Although I say, I bought all materials of looks at one dollar store:D
I bought these aamazon.co.jp.

I didn't sketch design of the mechanism.
So, I cut and tried, cut and tried... 

I made a base from isolate.

I put the circuit on the base.

I pasted construction paper to hide wheels.

And side of the box.

I camouflaged cut line of the lid to give a impact first viewers.
I cut with not a saw but a cutter.
Finding adjustment position of it was difficut.

I craved out arms from isolate. And covered them with gold construction paper to improve stiffness and looks.
Cutting isolate was easy. And the compatibility between isolate and wood glue was good.
So, I didn't use special tools and much money.
So, this method was best for me.  

I printed face letters on clear paper and pasted these on the front of the robot with tape.
Someone said "You should use a LCD for displaying faces."
I think that you can make that by use STM32, LCD and SD-card and others.
Whether you come true that is completely up to your ebullience.

This is the final product.

In the last scene, hiding the switch into the box was operated by my hand. 
I tied a string to the switch and laced it through a hole under the switch.
Then I pulled it from behind the robot.

You might think that I had some cameras.
But I had only one camera.
Because of that, I filmed same movements of the robot so many times from various angles.

I spread a mat under the table
 to protect floor from falling objects in the scene that the robot was angry. 

I used Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for editing the video and TSUNDERENKO for encoding it to MP4.

My video was publicized very much, viewed by more 1.5 million people in Youtube, Nico Nico and other video sites for one week. Among these, it became NO.1 in combined category of Nico Nico and NO.1 in tech category in Youtube by your huge favors. And, I'm delighted by so many comments that I cannot read. I think that I'm going to read them over time.
I have made videos and dreamt that my video evaluated by the world for four years.  I never imagined that it was happen in this timing....
I don't think that there are so many chances like this. I usually start making new video as soon as I finished making old one. However this case is special. I'll bask in the afterglow of this.

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Oh!English ktkr.
This machine had me understand the Hikikomori.

2011/5/20(金) 午後 7:45 [ かめぞう ]


Hello! Mr.kamezou
The "Hikikomori" is a japanese word.lolol
Can we use the "ktkr" in English?

2011/5/20(金) 午後 8:49 [ 回路師 ]


English version! Say hi from Hong Kong. ヽ(ゝω・)

Good job man, I like this funny video very much.
Looking forward for you next video! wktk!

2011/5/22(日) 午前 0:13 [ rabelohengramm ]


Oh, Hong Kong...
I've never talked with Hong Kongese.
I'm pleased very much!
OK. I'm going to make the next video in a little while.^^

2011/5/22(日) 午前 10:34 [ 回路師 ]


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