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iTunes and studying English

Dear friend,

I am so sorry, it had been weeks since I promised to talk to you about iTunes. 
Yes, there are very many, many "treasures" that are available from iTunes.
Most of all, there are a lot of stuff that are FREE!

So firstly, you'll have to download iTunes to your computer.


Then, open your iTunes. It will give you a panel to the left 
which has the ff. categories:


Click the iTunes store.
On the left panel, click Podcast.
It will give you the different Podcasts available like:

    ECC 英会話Pod
    BBC radio World News for Children

  and many others.
Click on the logo of the Podcast you want.
Most of them are "free" subscription. 
Then you'll just have to listen to the free podcast and in case you'll want to store it
 in your PC then you can download them (one or all of the podcast at one time) 
 or subscribe, so when you go to iTunes again it will automatically copy new podcasts 
 to your iTunes file.

and then,

 copy them to your MP3, iPod or iphone and you can listen to it anytime anywhere...




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