ドイツから中国へのキャンピングカー旅行記 2010 
Reiseberichte der Reisemobil Tour von Düsseldorf nach Peking im Jahr 2010
Travel reports of RV tour from Dusseldorf to Beijing in 2010
This topic is NOT about Fuji-maru’s RV-journey.
※All photos are reprinted with permission
from the author, Mr Konstantin Abert.

Googleでabenteuerosten.deの旅行記2010年を日本語に翻訳して読む → ココ
Google translation of articles 2010 on ”abenteuerosten.de”
from German into English, is Here
You'll find it more understandable than Japanese translation
for those who can comprehend English.

 2007年、2009年のアジア旅行で要領を得ているので、2010年は国境での手続きに手間取る事無く旅行は円滑に進行したようだ。 アバート氏の家族も同行するなど、熟年夫婦だけではなく、若者も加わったRVツアー団になった。 旅行記は、過去二回で訪問した場所の多くを割愛している。

イメージ 1 イメージ 2
#3 モンゴル平原での水補給と 砂漠での停泊。

イメージ 3 イメージ 4
#4 #6 ゴビ砂漠での食料調達と停泊。

イメージ 7 イメージ 8
長城の起点、老龍頭 (Google Maps)を観光し、北京へ。

イメージ 5 イメージ 6
#7 北京から郊外へ向かう中国のRV車列。
#8 龍門洞窟での歓迎。 (Google Maps)

イメージ 9 イメージ 10
#9 中国の田舎でよく見る自動車脱穀の道路を通り、
ラプラン寺へ。 (Google Maps)

イメージ 11 イメージ 12
#10 張掖市(ちょうえき)へ向かう途中では、農場に停泊させてもらう。

イメージ 13 イメージ 14
#12 キルギス、ウズベキスタンを経て、トルクメニスタンへ。

イメージ 15 イメージ 16
#13 イラン国境の税関前での停泊。 (Google Maps)
タバス郊外の渓谷。(Google Maps)

イメージ 17 イメージ 18
#14 イラン中央部のカヴィール砂漠を横断。
キャラバンサライ 隊商宿に立ち寄る。

イメージ 19 イメージ 20
#15 フェリーでケシュム島(Google Maps)へ。

イメージ 21 イメージ 22
#15 北上してシーラーズへ。
#16 ペルセポリスやイザードカスト(Google Maps)に立ち寄る。

イメージ 23 イメージ 24
#18 アルメニアに入国。 指輪物語のモルドールに存在しそうな山々。

イメージ 25 イメージ 26
#19 ジョージアに入国。 首都ティビリシでは有名な平和の橋(Google Maps)。

イメージ 27 イメージ 28

■Asien 2010 G2 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15
2010年のアジアツアーには、エクスペディションRVの製造会社(Kerkamm WeltreisemobileBimobil)のチームも加わっていて、そのチームの写真も掲載されている。

その5 (2011年版 旅行記の紹介) へ続く

その3その1 へ戻る

 The capital is pushing to be known as a "world city" but it is already firmly on the map among recreational vehicle (RV) drivers who have been arriving in the city in droves in recent days.

 The parking lot in front of the Huashanyuan Hot Spring Hotel in Chaoyang district was packed full of RVs on Monday and neighboring roads looked more like an RV park than city streets after the arrival of a convoy of 57 vehicles and 116 passengers that are making a stopover in the capital during a round-trip from Paris to Beijing and back.

イメージ 29

 After more than a month on the road, three elderly French men were huddled over the engine of one vehicle in need of attention after the marathon journey.

 Meanwhile, another convoy of RVs from Europe pulled in at the Hepingli Hotel. While the organizers of the two huge RV convoys do not even know one another, they both chose Beijing as the turning point for journeys across Eurasia, and arrived at the city at roughly the same time.

 Konstantin Abert, an energetic 40-year-old from Mainz, is the organizer of the mainly-German RV convoy. For 10 years, he has organized such tours, traveling throughout Europe, Africa, America and Asia. It is his second time in China at the head of an RV convoy.

 When METRO met him in the parking lot of the hotel, he took out a Chinese phrasebook. Already able to speak a few sentences of Mandarin, he said the trip was an opportunity to improve his Chinese.

 Jean Paul de Broise, president of the French Association of Classic Cars and the leader of the mainly French convoy also in the capital, has even more experience of organizing such trips.

 He told METRO he has led 37 long-distance tours to various countries in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. He has been to so many countries he cannot even give an approximate number. De Broise also organized two classic car tours to China - in 2007 and 2009.

 This year, he is leading the RV convoy that left Paris on June 1 and traveled through Europe, Russia and Central Asia before arriving in Xinjiang, China, on July 7.

 The German and French travelers said they were amazed by the natural sights and colorful culture in China and they praised the friendliness of the Chinese people they met along the way - as well as the quality of the roads.

 The tourists, however, pointed out a few problems they met on the way. "The working staff of the Chinese Customs are very friendly, but the administrative procedure is rather complicated," said de Broise. The French convoy had planned to enter China at the border near Kashgar but, because of the political crisis in Kyrgyzstan, had to divert to Kazakhstan and enter China at Khorgas.

 Since they missed their deadline for entry, they had to reapply for their visas. "We waited at the Khorgas land port for two days," said Philippe Yao, director of China Comfort Travel France and a guide to the convoy. De Broise said there were too many construction sites on the roads, and the tolls were a little high.

 Abert said there were so many trucks on the road that it was difficult to drive at times. Sigi, an elderly German lady and a member of the convoy, said the travelers noted that it was common for vehicles in China to suddenly change lanes and it was difficult to adapt to the less orderly driving style. "In Europe, the traffic is more disciplined," she said. But de Broise said traffic conditions in China have improved since he was last here.

 During his tours in 2007 and 2009, there were many trucks and other vehicles driving aggressively. This time, he said, such vehicles were fewer in number.

 Abert told METRO that the group had traveled through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Mongolia and China. They'll leave Beijing today and head for their next stop - Pingyao, Shanxi province.

 They will continue the tour through northern China, Central Asia, Iran and Turkey. De Broise's convoy, having arrived in Beijing on Sunday and Monday in three groups, plans to stay in the city for three nights.

 Later, they will head for Erenhot, Inner Mongolia. From there, they will continue the journey through Mongolia and Russia. Both Abert and de Broise said they hope to organize more RV tours to China. "China is becoming more and more attractive in France," said de Broise.




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