Kimono de Jack in PARIS

キモノジャック in PARIS

Started by 11 kitsuke enthusiasts from kyoto the [ KIMONO DE JACK ] meeting reach PARIS and FRANCE for the third times !
Let's meet at 
the front of Sacre Coeur Basilica the 6th of january 2013 !

More info :



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Lyon Yotaka Handon 2011

 Thanks to the Fukuno yokata Handon team for sharing this Matsuri with french people of lyon !
 Ganbare Nippon !
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# / 福野夜高あんどんリヨン遠征団のブログ-Road to Ly#

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ごめんなさい !

Long time for me no post nor practice my Kitsuke ( shame,shame,shame).
Last week end I decides to sweep away the dust from my tatoshi and dress up in kimono for the opening of the new Japanese association of my town ( Lyon NinhonJinKai) .

Lyon NinhonJinKai :

At the opening ceremony I had an unexpected encounter with Madame Kakue Kanda who is a Kitsuke teacher and run her own school the Sensui Kimono Institut in Chiba , I was kind of nervous to be introduce to her because I had only 20 minutes to put my kimono before the cocktail and I didn’t choose a really appropriate kimono for this start fall .
Hopefully it seems I pass the examination, the ladies were very interested by my Portuguese galleon obi and we had an interesting conversation about it in a strange mix of English, Japanese and sign language.
Madame Kakue Kanda and other kind ladies of her institute also invites me to the kimono demonstration which held the next day.
I decide to go in coral iromuji + my bat nagoya obi ( I figure after the show that i tied my front panel o-taiko upside/down ... but maybe for "bats" its is ok :p ).

Those demonstration present a large panel of kimono :
- Kitsuke for Shichi Go San, graduation and causal event.
- Geisha Kitsuke
- Kitsuke for each season + explanation
- Wonderful shibori aizome kimono show ( unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of the dye master )

Plus martial art, shodo and Japanese puppetry demonstration !!
I hope we will have more such high quality event in my town now we have not 1 but 2 (!!) Japanese cultural centre .

You can see more pictures and video here :

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Real geisha Real Women ....

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"Real Geisha Real Women is a new documentary by Peter MacIntosh about the lives of women who have become geisha."

If you have the chance to glimpse on this documentary it will give you some keys about le the life and goal of kyoto's geiko and maiko nowadays.
This documentary introduce point of view and show us women beyond the stereotype ...

You can watch the trailer video here =>

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舞妓 裾引き

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舞妓 裾引

Since few years i collect maiko/geiko and odori items.

From time to time you can find interesting items with good price on yahoo japan auction, and in my last "shopping trip" I literarly found in love with a maiko's style susohikI coverded with Tachibana blooming and auspicious Noshi.
Maybe it belongs to an Maiko Hanshin studio or a dance group ?

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