Hello from Japan

I'd like to talk with many people from all over the world.


Hi, my name is Aki. I live in Kyoto, Japan, with my loving husband and two daughters; one is a seven-year-old elementary school girl and the other one is a three-month old toy poodle. I like singing songs, especially I love bluegrass music. I would like to get to know a lot of people from many other countries and their cultures. Also I m studying English ...すべて表示 すべて表示



Little Girl in Tenne...

2008/2/15(金) 午前 2:45

My hobby is singing and listening to bluegrass music. It is a genre of music born in ...すべて表示すべて表示

It was Setsubun yest...

2008/2/4(月) 午前 11:55

It was Setsubun yesterday. We ate sushi roll at home in the morning. This ye ...すべて表示すべて表示

The movie, 'Earth'

2008/2/4(月) 午前 2:01

The pictures of the movie were so beautiful and powerful. The waterfalls which were ...すべて表示すべて表示


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