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2017-20: Topic for July 13rd

Hello everyone ! This is Noriko. I will be the one to hostthe Talkie meeting on 13rd of July. Recently, I had a chance to talk with mydaughter about how Shanghai, as a society, is changing so fast! One example isthat people no longer use cash. One day she tried to buy a can of juice at thevending machine, but surprisingly, there was no slot for coin すべて表示すべて表示



明けましておめでとうございます、 2017年も皆さんの素敵な一年でありますように!   今は一粒の種、   その中に明日咲く花の息が…

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2016/12/21(水) 午後 2:12

MBT Charles English Class Information (12/21) 今日で、今年の授業は、終わりました。 Marry Christmas & Happy New Year!! ...すべて表示すべて表示

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2016/12/15(木) 午後 4:38

MBT Charles English Class Information (12/14) 今後のMBT Charles English Classの予定は、 12/21 (水) DVD “The Man who Mends W ...すべて表示すべて表示