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Father, husband, buyer, 30's, salary man, gamer, Japanese.
If i would like to keep motivation for studying English, first of all, i have to set GOAL.

what is my intention for studying English??

what i would like to do, or how i would like to be ??


I will go to bed with this agenda tonight...

BR, kin-chai

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Quitted smoking

I became a father, and decided to quit smoking, but you know, to quit smoking is sooo difficult mission as if it is Impossible..

Truth be told, I tried to stop smoking many times, and succeeded many times : )

I can't remember how many times I thought that "this is the last one cigarette, and good bye!!" ... then, I smoked again,, especially with drinking alcohol....

I abandoned cigarettes again and again, so the cumulative cost was so expensive I think, so I don't want to calculate at this moment.

But Finally I could quit smoking this time.

It has been passed more than 1 month since I quitted smoking!

I will continue to make effort to avoid smoking, even my colleagues or friends recommend cigarettes.

I feel fresh air every morning!

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I came back biz trip from Vina.
Vietnam food was fantastic, like rice noodle, fried rice, and rice paper roll with shrimp. (Rice is good!)

Also vina people is so nice.
Everyone smile always, with good atomosphere and attitude.

I heard from my colleagues that chocolate is tasty, so good for souvenirs.
Based on that information, I found chocolate at Noibai airport.

It was around $18,,,

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Looks good but expensive.....


Finally I decided to buy!

I can't wait for try with my family.

I hope its taste worth to pay $18!!!

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Does English make money??

I just checked above site that explains several ways to earn money with sideline job, especially related to English skills.

I checked briefly, and some offers looks interesting.

For example, Japanese <=> English translation, communications with eBay seller and finding and buying the item what sellers requested , and sharing experience about studying English with people those who need as "real" information.

Recently, there are many "cloud sourcing service" to connecting client and sideline workers. That's interesting!

I'm considering whether I can try or not, but it's better way to utilize my skills and experience for earn money, rather than investing money from my point of view.....

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I found interesting article on PBS.

72 years old grand mother is now challenging weight lifting, and give people courage and fun for challenges.

That's amazing!

Age is no problem for challenges, maybe almost all people can understand, but actuallly done should be very difficult.

Accorsing to the article, she got some records including world wide level.

I am motivated and hope herself and her families continue challenging and make people motivate, happy, and smile.


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