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F.Guerrero, Canciones y Villanescas espirituales Parte 1, a cinco Voces No.21

(Villanescaa) No.21 "Pastores, si nos queréis" bar1-9 : A part, 3 voices bar10-14 : B part bar15-26 : C part bar27-33 : Capla, 3 voices bar1-26 : Da Capo.



Blue Impulse in I...

2017/11/3(金) 午後 9:58

Sorry. It is "Broken" Heart & arrow. Triple flight. sextet flight. pentagram.

MP3 files renewal...

2017/8/22(火) 午後 3:02

Hitherto I used Kerorog site for storing MP3 files. But last year Kerorog was closed, you can't hear Mp3 files. Now I stored all MP3 files into Google drive. So You can hear ev ...すべて表示すべて表示

The railway ruins...

2017/8/14(月) 午後 5:31

東京都港湾局専用線 The exclusive railway of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Port and Harbor 平成元年廃止 Aborished in 1989 . blue mark = 留置線跡 a ruin of a storage t ...すべて表示すべて表示