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GB-Lbl Add. MS 31922 No. 22, 27

Two Puzzle Canons.

No.22 Consort II Puzzle Canon I --- Instrumental
 Hint = Tenor Part : "Flude in armonia graduat" only.
 I think this means Tenor Part repeats descending Tetrachord(A-G-F-E) 10 times, but last tetrachord is optional.

No.27 Consort III Puzzle Canon II --- Instrumental
 Hint = Tenor Part : Text "Iste tenor ascendit a gradu epodoico
                                     in semitonium et descendit in diatessaron
                                     cum diatonico."
                             3 Notes 
イメージ 1
  Commentary in Musica Britannica translated this text "This tenor ascends from the epodoico(Hypodorian?)
degree to the semitone and descends to the fourth with a diatonic progression.".


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