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No.53 Consort VI Puzzle Canon IV by Fayrfax --- Instrumental
   text = Paramese Tenor : Canon : pausa facta in tenore de numero perfecto secundum
            philosophum percantetur omnis litera arsum et thesum per naturam sinaphe.
   traslation = Rule : after a rest in the tenor of the perfect number according to the philosopher,
                    let every letter be sung through, arsis and thesis(i.e. up and down) throughout the nature of
                    a sinaphe(i.e. the conjunction of two tetrachords.
                    Paramese = the note 'next to the middle'

Three Pieces by Henry VIII
No.56 Departure is my chef payne --- Song
           Canon for 3 voices & one independent voice.
No.57 It is to me a ryght gret joy --- Song
           Canon for 3 voices.
No.58 Consort IX --- Instrumental


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