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No.12 Vng gay bergier. a4 di Tomas Crequillon. About his spelling, I ordinary use "Thomas Crecquillon".
 This is perhaps the most famous Chanson by Crecquillon.
original sources I used are here
   (1) 31 Chansons a quatre Parties (1543, Antwerpen, Tylman Susato) No.30 -> here
   (2) Musica de diversi Autori (1577, Venetia, Angelo Gardano) No. 3-1 -> here

13. Ancor che co'l partire. a4 di Cipriano de Rore
 This is too, one of most famous Madrigal by Cipriano de Rore. Original title is "Anchor che col partire".
original sour4ce is his "Primo Libro di Madrigali a quattro Voci"(1547). -> here