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Step 1: Understand the user's goal and get informed with the reasons for buying people 
What is the purpose of the target market?
The target market is a small part of the market available to people who have the potential to buy from the market. Come with a simple example of this. You're probably selling car So, this will be available to you, but this market will only be part of the automotive community and will require car tire, so your target market is in fact. a collection of people who have a car.
You should collect another customer of customer information so that you can make better advertising based on information.
Because every gender, depending on its intrinsic morale, first looks at the part of your product. For example, when you sell a product, it Of course, this does not mean both people who think about the look and feel of the product, but maybe she first started with other factors such as quality and price. Of course, this does not mean that both peoples are ignorant of all the factors.
For example, when you're offering a mobile phone, you need to highlight the beauty of girls for more than anything else, not at all, but our point is that they inherently care about what factors before anything and you have to highlight those factors. Of course, you should try to show all the invoices for both. But you need to know what to highlight for any gender so that in the ad text, and when your audience is over, you should be more than anything else. your ad is more useful.

One of the things you need to consider when collectinginformation from your community is the location of your potential customers. Forexample, if people in your target community are in your place of residence, inother words, you are in a city, you should place things like free and one-dayin your service and highlight it in your ad text for your customer or if yourtarget market In another city, you need to provide in-person purchasingservices to your customers. For example, buying online or paying a homedoor and so on.

All of this should be based on the location of yourcustomers in the context of your ad text, which will dramatically increase yoursales.

Income level

The income level is one of the other information that youshould get about your customers. Certainly, in current economicconditions, they cannot afford to open their own market or at least welcomethem, so they cannot prioritize products and services that are of good qualityand price. With more people out and about during the summer months, buy mobiletraffic to catch them right where they are at.  One of your best prospects might be onvacation standing in a three-hour line at Disney right now waiting to ride arollercoaster and is killing time getting a jump on their business goals tryingto find YOU!  All mobile traffic comesfrom iOS and Android devices.  You caneven targetedweb traffic by category! So, if most of your target community has a lowlevel of income, try to make sure you get competitive prices or discount dealsand highlight it in your ad text. This item can easily convince people inyour target community to buy and multiply your sales.

education level

One of the other things you need to do about your communityis the type of level of education and information it has. You must be ableto present your products to people who understand and understand yourgoals. For example, if you want to sell a dynamo to a graduate student inthe field of electronics, you should mention very specialized items such astorque and power consumption, etc. But when you want to sell this dynamo to anormal person, mention these items. Not only does it not help, it will make theperson get too cold, so in this case you need to have power and powerconsumption and optimize it so you can attract more customers.


Age is another factor that you should take about yourcommunity. People generally come in for a certain amount of time to payfor products or services. For example, if you advertise a blue gun forthousands of times to an old man or an old woman, he will not be willing to buysuch a product for himself. But it's enough to show a little bit of thisproduct with a jolt for a child or teenager to see a fantastic result.

Of course, this is not limited to gadgets and the like. Someof these are rooted in the culture and nature of humans, and this is a verypowerful moving device for purchasing. You can certainly not experience goodsales if you cannot use it. In the following, we will explain more aboutthe incentives to buy, but here's a small example that you can easilyunderstand the importance of age and age in collecting information from yourtarget community. For example, women generally experience pregnancy andmotherhood between the ages of 20 and 35 to 40, and then enter a period ofphysiology, which means that menopause and the power of pregnancy and theirsexual desire decrease, so if you have special products Pregnancy or pregnancy.People who are less than 20 years of age or over 40 must be removed from thecircle of your customers and try to focus on people who are at this age range.

Once you have identified your target market, you now have tolook for other tips that help you promote and sell.

Literature and customer tone

You need to know what customers are buying from you andwhich customers are generally more comfortable with what literature. Evenattracting the attention of each stratum of the community itself. Forexample, if you are a cartoon selling luxury cars, you should certainly knowthat only a few people in the community have the power to buy from you, so thefirst cartoon is to target that cortex. We aim to target you with verycomplete information.

For example, what kind of media are they, how often do theyspend their free time, how often do they go to their favorite media, when willthey buy website traffic or not? most of your buyers are women or men ... Thereare some questions you should answer and act on them. 

Typically, for the sale of a graduate or student product,you should know that the corps you are looking for is not enough time to stayon the social network and generally check out the media at the end of thenight. On the other hand, student groups cannot always cost a lot to buyproducts, so you should be able to compete in the price of youradvertisement. This is not the only part of the story. You should knowthat this cortex is generally a young person and may be more comfortable with afriendly and intimate tone. As the luxury of a car is the most formal, thebetter you have, the better you have before you do anything. Complete yourtarget market.

Buying method

The other thing you need to know about your buyers isactually their buying order. You need to know if these people regularlybuy their products? Or they buy it once a year or at a certain period oftheir lives? This tip helps you to get exactly what you want in yourmarket life. For example, ancestors only collect a test book at the end ofthe year, and after admission to the university they do not need it, so promotingstudents for no return. Of course, it's easy to know what to do and say,so what's the need for it, but it's not so easy to diagnose. Suppose youare selling an unnecessary product, for example, a special tour to theMediterranean coast.

At this time, can you easily identify which corners andwhen is the best time for your advertising?

In this case, you can provide services to several groups.The first is the people who plan for their honeymoon. These people cannotbe limited to specific media and places, but surely the tune of your ad must bedifferent to attract them. The more romantic and beautiful your trip is,the more likely you are to get those people. But most of your potentialcan be for people who are struggling to work or study and who need to travel abit. You can find these people in different media. Especially placesthat are interesting and uplifting every day, because these people need tochange their mental conditions after work and study. To attract thesepeople, you need to be more pleasurable and more relaxed to reach yourdestination so that you can absorb them or those who are struggling to endureone year of stressful education or other people.

Reasons to buy people:

The next principle you should follow for a goodadvertisement is in fact the motivation to buy your customers.

Why do not your customers buy from you at all?

This question, though perhaps a bit primitive, has a greatimpact on your strategy. Some are goods that are bought almost once a weekor so. Like milk and milk. People generally do this in a recurringcycle.

The main reason for these purchases is, in fact, that theyare not so relevant to you as an incentive and motive incentive, so if you arethe seller of these products, the more customers may come to you, showing thefit between quality and price. Do not advertise or advertise these people,whether they buy it or not, and if you do not attract them, your competitorswill do it.

But there is another category of businesses that can almostbe said that their account is separate from this category of work. Forexample, we can refer to the example of recreational tours. Obviously, noteveryone wants to buy a tour or prefer other ways to get tired.

The art of an advertiser that he wants to create a motive inthe market setup to force people to buy from him ...

For example, you need to explain to young couples howromantic and enjoyable your destination is and for those who are under stressto be relaxed. In both cases, you should be able to display the priceeffectively.

It is not always the cause of a purchase of stress andstress relief, but there are more factors that people incite to buy a product,including the reasons for reaching a dream or a goal. There aremany people who buy books or different tools in hopes of success in a quiz or ahard exam. These people, except in the framework of these goals, are notwilling to buy such products, and they are practically suitable for a certain period.Therefore, you should be clear in the text of your advertisement in a way thathelps the product achieve its dream and purpose. Point out how you can convinceyour audience to buy.

One of the motivations that people can buy from you isto solve problems. For example, when you want to sell a wheelchair oran artificial arm, you need to be sure, before considering other issues, howmuch this product can solve the customer's problems. In these cases,attention to other issues is slightly deviant.

Most of the gadgets can solve one of the everyday problemsof humans. In fact, their goal is to do this. If you can find thesereasons and concentrate on them, you can certainly sell well.

One of the things that can motivate you to buy yourcustomers is some of the emotions of human nature. For example,a feeling of need for beauty, a feeling of need to be seen, a feeling ofpride, and ... all are the things that you can concentrate on if you can,you can well convince customers to buy. For example, cosmetics andcosmetics are, in fact, the philosophy of the need for beauty and attracting theattention of others. So, if you want to sell a product, be sure to knowwhat your customers want to buy from you because they are why they need yourproducts. 

Conclusion The first step is the propaganda magic:
Even if you provide the rival to the website and cheap customers to keep the website and as a conclusion, keep in mind that in the economy world there are always rivals for you. Even if you provide the first sample of the product, then the after you enter the market and your In the next session, we try to explain the title to you, so it's better The competitors compete, then people can win the field in a manan that is appropriate to the principals and manners that they can handle, in accordance with the needs of their customers. not to miss the next episode.