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The company and brand name “Oldsmobile” belongs to the General Motors Company since 1908. Admittedly Oldsmobile always acted as an independent and separate brand on the market for automobiles, but within the group synergy effects were definitely leveraged. Therefore also the designs of Oldsmobile cars came from the design department of General Motors headed by Harley J. Earl.
In the course of the “space race” the topic “aerospace” also spilt over to other branches including the automotive market. At the beginning of the 1950s a range of concept car designs originated, which seized some typical design features of moon rockets. Also the design department of General Motors followed this trend and designed a car, under the brand name of Oldsmobile, which bore resemblance to a space rocket from every perspective. From the front side the two on both sides hastate endings with its chrome ring edging were reminiscent of the head of a rocket. These futuristically and uniquely seeming design features were also the bumper bars of the concept car. An upright, narrow chrome radiator grill, which converged towards the underbody, completed the centered, distinctive and also hastate front nose. The front design alone, displayed the great affinity for the space gliders. The backwards slightly sloping silhouette of the car presaged also the shape of a rocket. The futuristic design was also reflected in several other visual elements. The whitewall tires had broken lines instead of continuous ones and the rear window was centrally split. Matching to its space affinity the US concept car glinted in a shiny bronze paint, which was sprayed over the whole fiberglass car body. Underneath the bonnet a V8-engine with 275 hp ensured decent propulsion.
The road cruiser with the name “Golden Rocket” premiered as a show car at the Motorama in 1956.




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