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There was a time
everything was fine
you got drunk on the day
Like-a it was wine
and all the children they put flowers in their hair
and all the grown-ups they put daggers in their stare...
   Standin' on a corner by my old high school,
I let this female call me a fool
I got on my knees and begged to the sun
And I knew that my manhood had begun
Boogie on, electric boogie, boogie on
Embrace your brother, dance in the mud
Like a Palamino stud
Come along hold my hand.
スパークス/ビ・バップ・デラックス              ★グラム/アイドル/王道    パンク           
RCサクセション           The Yellow Monkey          邦楽・日本のミュージシャン
テレビ・CMなど           サッカーのこと        しょーもない話


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