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One day at the lunch time, there was Yoshinoya Beef Bowl Parlor at the International Terminal in Tokyo-Haneda Airport where
A Special Menu Guy-Jyu is served.  The dish is only available for consumers at this Parlor at Haneda Terminal.  I heard that one more
Parlor serves this dish in the cafeteria in Japanese Diet so that the Haneda Parlor is only one for citizens.
This price is over 1200 Japanese Yen, almost triple price compared with original Beef Bowl price. Regular Beef Bowl is around 400 Japanese Yen.
Many guests order this 1200 Yen Guy-Jyu, it seems memorial lunch in Japan before leaving for overseas for a while for either people originally from Japan and visitors to Japan.  Anyway this is very expensive however the location covers price difficulties for travelers.
I am not sure the price is affordable or not, 1200 Yen!

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