Fantastic Junk Food of Japan

Introduction to favorite every day food of Japanese people.


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"Mattcha," powdered green tea, is most traditional way to drink green tea.

As my understanding it is older than usual green tea we are drinking today.

The style came in when the tea tree seed brought in from the land of China

in 1191, by a Buddhist priest Eisai Myouan.  He was the founder of Rinzai

school, which is one of three sects of Zen in Japanese Buddhism, traveled to

China (Song dynasty was ruling the land buck then) to study in their temples.

イメージ 3
There are specialized cafes serving traditional style green tea.
Though this is not common way of having tea for us in the year 2016. 

イメージ 5
This is more popular.

イメージ 1
So as this.

イメージ 2
A cup of tea called "mattcha latte" is so to say green tea with milk.
But mattcha is not rally just a powdered green tea.

イメージ 8
Tell you the truth I am coffee person so I don't drink "matcha latte"
so often, but why don't I go take some photos at a cafe near by my house. 


イメージ 9
Caffe' VELOCE is one of the common reasonably priced coffee shop chain in Japan.
This is their menu board set in front of the door.

イメージ 10
VELOCE is serving 3 types of matcha latte, hot, iced and iced latte with
ice cream on top.  The cup pointed by red arrow is the hot matcha latte. 

イメージ 12

The word "matcha" is consist of two kanjis (Chinese cheracters), which 
you can find in the photo of menu above as well.
(read from left to right)

イメージ 13
It was only 280 Yen (including tax) but they are using real formed milk and
matcha from Uji, where is know for growing good green tea in Japan.
Very nice indeed.

イメージ 11
By the way the Caffee` VELOCE is also serving some sandwiches, cakes and danishes. 

イメージ 4

Instant freeze dry matcha latte (stick type) can be found in any
grocery stores where they sell tea leaves and coffee bean.
It is another popular way to have green tea in Japan.

Green tea tree field is getting to be a tourist attraction.
Indeed, clean cut tea tree field is a beautiful view.
Uji of Kyoto prefecture and Shizuoka prefecture are two well known
tea growing area in Japan.

イメージ 5
The definition of "Matcha" set by Japanese tea manufacturer's association (or something)
is powdered green tea leaf grown under covered environment to create
soft yet deep flavor, and have to be ground by traditional tea grinder and so on.

イメージ 6
Example of tea grinder made of stone.
Anyhow, ”mattcha” can not be manufactured from normal drinking green tea leaf.

イメージ 8
As you go to Japanese tea leaf shops, you can find canned matcha.
This size of can usually priced starting 1000 Yen.
If you find a can much cheaper than that, it may not using real green tea leaf
specially grown for matcha.

イメージ 9
Because of the strong flavor of matcha, it is a bit too bitter to drink by itself.
But it matches with western sweet treats very well.

イメージ 11
So as KitKat.

イメージ 7
If you see something green like these Japanese treats, most of them are
using matcha for ingredient.  However there are some rare cases that are using
green sea weed or some type of herb.

イメージ 6

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