Fantastic Junk Food of Japan

Introduction to favorite every day food of Japanese people.


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I have been watching You-tube lately, found many videos introducing Japanese

yakiniku, one of the Japanese favorite way to eat meat.  Among them I thought 

theses two are nice and short enough so you don't get bored.

Though these restaurants introduced don't look reasonably priced, like the

place I introduced in this blog before.  These following videos are nice to observe 

how common yakiniku restaurants are serving their food, and how customers must 

grill their meat at the table.

As I researched on the net, the omnibus meat plate he had was priced 7500 Yen,

which is about $80 (USD) as of today's exchange late.  I think this price is not

including any side dish nor a drink.  But looks like this restaurant is also serving

less priced meat plates as well, is indeed a very good deal around the Ginza area of


Wagyu (Japanese bland named beef) is usually too expensive for common people

to eat daily even in Japan.  So we pick a special day, like the tenth anniversary of 

our marriage,  (9th anniversary is too early, lol)  to have such luxurious meal.

As you look at this video, you may found that there is not much smoke coming out

from the grill.  It is because there are fan inside of the table, sucking out the smoke

from those holes along the edge of each grills.  This is a common style of

yakiniku table you can find all over Japan.

When your grill top get covered by burnt meat and sauce, you can ask the restaurant

staff to give you a new one.  It is recommended to heat the new grill for few minutes

before you start grilling, then the food would not stick to the grill so much. 

If you think it is too much work at a table before you gt to eat, I agree. 

But I have heard there are some research that proved cooking by your self

makes the food taste better  about 125% or so.  I can agree with this research

as well, that watching the meat grilled and hearing them sizzle makes me

feel more starving. 

For more about yakiniku, please check out my other report, too:

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