Fantastic Junk Food of Japan

Introduction to favorite every day food of Japanese people.


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If you have found a egg on your bowl of ramen noodle, the brown colored egg

cooked with soy sauce and some kind of bouillon, that is called a "NITAMAGO."

or sometimes called "AJITAMA."

イメージ 10
A example of nitamago on the ramen.

イメージ 9

Packed nitamago can be found in  the grocery stores and convenience stores.
This pack of two nitamagos was sold for 158 Yen at a convenience store.

イメージ 11
There are some convenience stores selling onigiri, or Japanese style rice ball,
with a half nitamago, one recommended arrange of onigiri of mine.

By the way, nitamago can be made at home very easily.

(1) Boil some eggs as you like.
(2)  Peel them.
(3)  Soak them in the soy sauce based soup for 2 to 3 days.
          Store them in the fridge as you marinate.
          Turn the eggs ones or twice a day to even out its color and taste.

If you would like to keep the egg yoke soft and dark yellow, make some half-boiled
eggs and marinate.

イメージ 12
Some people use Tupperware.

イメージ 13
Some people use the Ziploc.

There are hundreds recipes  for soup to soak the eggs but easiest way is

find "mentsuyu"  or the Japanese noodle soup base, and add less water than

making soup for noodle. 

イメージ 20
Example of bottled Japanese noodle soup base.
It looks like soy sauce but have some soup stock and sweetening s are added.

There are some egg products that are similar to nitamago, which is called


The word "kunsei" means smoked, and the word "tamago" means egg.

イメージ 5
Kunseitamago of chicken egg can be find in a pack like this.

イメージ 6
This type of eggs usually added salty taste already, so you can just peel and eat.

イメージ 7
Its inside look like this.
Its texture gets little harder than usual boiled egg.

イメージ 8
This is a photo I found in the net, of how the factory smoke their eggs nice and brown.
Real smoked eggs are usually smoked with its cell.


イメージ 1
Then there are some egg products with smoky taste added.
This I bought at a convenience store near by my house.
Because these eggs goes with beer and sake, you can often find it in the
shelf of snacks goes with alcoholic drink. Yum yum.

イメージ 2
The red company logo is a well known brand for snack manufacture in Japan,
Natori co., Ltd.  If you are looking for good snacks to eat with your beer find their products.

イメージ 3
Though sometimes I feel they are packing their food too carefully.  lol
(happens often in Japan)

イメージ 17
You have to peel the wrapping off for each eggs.
Of cause they are trying to stop us to finish them all at once, 
how nice of them.  hahaha

イメージ 16
These small eggs are laid by a bird called Japanese quail, one of the two
popular eggs, next to chicken egg, used widely in Japan.

イメージ 14
I strongly recommend you to try them star fried as well.

イメージ 15
Also there are some peoples put them in their meat loaf.

イメージ 4
This is one of my favorite quail egg product, also can be found at
beer friendly snack corner of stores.

イメージ 18
Please find a tooth pick attached on the buck of this package. 

イメージ 19
So you can eat them with your hands clean.
This egg doesn't have smoky flavor but cooked with soy sauce 
and soup stock of fish. So it can be called smaller version of the nitamago.

イメージ 6

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