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通訳研究会でのShow and Tell

If I hadn't read this book, I wouldn't be here.
This is a book written by a woman, who made herself an interpreter, and some of her students.

Now I think I study English with you fairly hard, but I had not always studied it so hard. When this book was published, it was featured in book reviews in newspapers or magazines. I saw some of them, but I was not so much interested. Why? I hate to admit this, but I was so stuckup in those days, and I thought like, ""English for housewives? My English is not 'housewife' level!' How vain I was! Don't hate me,please!

Passing the first grade of Eiken before I was 30 was my goal, but at 24 I passed it.
Of course I was very very happy. But I was really frustrated because I knew my English was not good enough. Rather, it was far from the 1st grade level. I was suffering from the gap between my English ability and my image for the first grade. And, I almost gave up. In those days, I didn't study English hard and didn't seek opportunities to improve my English, although I was using the language every day in my work. So I was stuck up thinking, "my English is not 'housewife' level", but at the same time I was totally disapppointed with my English and din't know what to do.

After passing in front of this book in bookstores several times, finally I bought it. And once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I was reading this book with a frying pan in my hand preparing dinner. Reading this book, I thought, "Maybe I could do more." And I began going out for chances to use English and to get to know people who might share motivation for studying English.

First I started a correspondence course for a licensed interpreter guide exam. Also I joined a volunteer interpreters' section of the international friendship association in my city. The city official in charge came to know that I was motivated by this book so much and he suggested that we invite the writer to a lecture. And we did. This is the fryer for the lecture. I took part in the panel discussion. I hated talking in public, but I wanted to see her in person I felt obliged to be one of the participants. After the lecture I wrote a thank-you letter to her and this is the postcard from her.

When I tell pepole how I have studied English, they tend to think that I have done all by myself. Although I didn't have a chance to study to earn a degree in college, I have had some excellent teachers like Mr. Anderson, Ms. Sato, and Ms. Tokumatsu. And the author of this book, Ms. Aoyama is surely one of them.

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