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イメージ 2
I visited Kunouzan Toshogu last Sunday.
The VOIS’s Interpreters’ Training Course includes an on-site guiding practice and this term we chose Kunozan Toshogu.
Did you know Kunozan Toshogu has been designated as National Treasure recently?
It’s the only building National Treasure in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Not only was the master priest there kind enough to show us around as long as three hours, but he kindly gave special consideration to our admission fees. For a poor NPO, this is really unusual and we felt grateful.  We have often treated coldly by red-tape type authorities, so his kindness was really impressive.
イメージ 1
The most interesting point for me was his answer to my question at the tomb of Ieyasu.
As you know, most people believe the remains of Ieyasu were moved to Nikko Toshogu.
So I asked him, “I guess a lot of non-Japanese ask you what is inside the tomb.  How do you answer that?”
He said, “I say, ‘the remains of Ieyasu’”.  I was a bit surprised.
He went on saying “The remains of Ieyasu must be here.  There are some reasons why I say so.  First, the descendants of Tokugawa family visit Nikko Toshogu and Kunozan Toshogu.  At Nikko, they offer prayers at the main building but they do not go up to the tomb.  Here at Kunozan, they offer prayers both at the main building and at the tomb.
Second, the tomb stone yard at Kunozan was built over 20 years after Ieyasu died, after Nikko Toshogu had already been built.  In addition, the construction was done directly by the government.  Usually this kind of construction was ordered to provincial lords those days.  So if the remains had already been moved, the government wouldn’t have had to build this grand grave.  Third, Tenkai, a great Buddhist monk, left a waka, Japanese verse, regarding the transfer of the remains saying “Areba aru, Nakereba nashito, Suruganaru, Kunonakikamino Miyautsushikana”, which I dare translate as follows; “If you think it is there, it is there. If you don’t, it isn’t.  Removing only the spirit of the God in Suruga”.
「あればある なければなしとするがなる くのなき神の宮移しかな」
He said, “Ku ” as in “くのなき神の”, can mean “” meaning the body, so the latter half of the verse says “The God was moved but not the body”.
Well, if you are from Tochigi, you have a lot to say for this.
Let’s just believe what we want to believe.  (Running away from a controversial matter....  away .... away  )
‘あればある なければなしとするがなる くのなき神の宮移しかな’
最大のヒントになってしまうところは。 XXXX 伏字 にしてあります。
Take me to the sea on a spring-colored train.
I’ll be quietly by you
Your shirts smells cigarette.
Why?  We’ve known each other as long as six months,
But you never try to hold my hand.
XXXXXXXXXX  I want to follow you.
XXXXXXXXXX  You are a bit weak, but you are so nice.
A red XXXXXXX has opened up on the shore in my heart
Caught in April shower, we were sitting on the bench on the platform
No soul was seen around
That suddenly made us awkward
Why?  Every time you take a glance at your watch, I feel like crying
XXXXXXXXX  wearing boots with wings
XXXXXXXXX  I want to spend my young days with you
I’m fond of you more than anyone I’ve ever met
XXXXXXXXX  I like you how you live
I can’t go home today as is.  I won’t.
A red XXXXXX on the day when spring has come to my heart
答え ↓
             作曲  呉田軽穂 (松任谷 由美)
             編曲  松任谷正隆
             作詞  松本隆  


こちらによく遊びに来てくださる、Ohio さんのブログの「恒例歌あてクイズ」がとても面白かったので、こちらでも真似っこして出題してみることにしました。Ohioさん、ありがとうございます♪英訳作業、楽しかったです。
 Pushing up the sky,
 Streching your arms high up in the air
 It was in the month of May
 Please come to me
 Please come down to the water's edge
 Let me give you a ***,  **** in my ****:
 colored in pale-pink,, as pretty as you
 Hope your never-ending dream will find a happy ending
 thus you and your sweetheart be together for another 100 years.
  Summer heat, just too intense
  My feelings, just too hefty
  that the boat will give in if we sail together
  So move along
  Go ahead and lead my way
  Hope some day my endurance will bear a fruit 
  that this endless tide will come to a halt 
  thus you and your sweetheart  be together for another 100 years. 
  Chasing a nimbly moving butterfly
  Hoisting a white sail
 When the Mother's day comes,
 Send me a leaf of *********
   No need to wait
   No need to know

転載元転載元: 通訳物語

ある日本語の歌を、テキトーに ^^; 英訳しました。
Let’s walk looking up
so that tears will not come down.
I remember that spring day
the lonely night.
Let’s walk looking up
and counting the blurry stars
I remember that summer day
and the lonely night.
Happiness is on the cloud
Happiness is above the sky
Let’s walk looking up
so that tears will not come down.
Walking and crying alone
the lonely night
I remember that autumn night
The lonely night
Sadness is behind the stars
Sadness is behind the moon
Let’s walk looking up
so that tears will not come down.
Walking and crying alone
the lonely night
                  作詞 永六輔
                  作曲 中村八大
                   歌  坂本九


Recently I have experienced a few incidents that made me realize I am old.....
1.  I started teaching a former student's child.....  Well, I had expected this for some time....
2.  I am a contract ALT coordinator, and the newest one is my daughter's age. 
    Actually one year younger than her.... 
3.  While I was talking with one of my study friends, she didn't know Hiromi Go was from Journey's Agency.
    I saw him just before he made a debut.....
But I see a lot of victims aged 16, 38, 7......., on the victim list of the Great Tohoku Earthquake.
Being able to get old is a blessing.
1. 教え子の子供を教え始めました。。。。。 いや〜、いつかは来ると思ってたんですけどね。
2. ALTのお世話をする仕事をパートタイムでしていますが、一番最近にきたALTは娘と同じ年。。。。
3. 年下の勉強仲間と話していて、彼女が「郷ひろみがジャニーズ事務所出身」ということを知らなかった!!


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