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We held the fourth “Eigo de Oshaberi” workshop last Sunday.

The former three were for English learners of all levels and this time we hosted an on-site interpretation training session for advanced learners of English for the first time.

We had 22 participants and three observers.
The participants were divided into three groups and each group had the following classes.

1. Interpretation of a guide tour in a restored castle gate of Sumpu castle, Higashi-gomon Tatsumi Yagura. Japanese to English

2. Interpretation of a guide tour in a Japanese-style garden, Momijiyama Garden.
English to Japanese.

3. Introduction to VOIS
VOIS is the group I belong to and is hosting this workshop. We showed what we do in our class. The participants were given 15 minutes t and required to write a paragraph to answer a question, “I am thinking to visit Shizuoka Prefecture. Please tell me where I should visit and describe what the place is like. “
After writing, the participants took turns to read their paragraphs aloud and have it interpreted.

We are giving this workshop, not because our English is very good nor we can teach. We are still learning English and some participants spoke English and interpreted much better than we. We do this because we thought it would be great if we had opportunities to get to know more people who are interested in English.

Uhhh,well, that is the official, no, no, the FIRST reason we do this. But there was an ulterior motive…just between you and me, since the membership is shrinking, we thought we could make some little money for the running cost of our group by doing this. BUT! It has turned out that this is not lucrative at all! Ha, ha, ha…. all we can is laugh! It’s because we have native speakers in preparation classes as well as the actual session. Well, we learn a lot during the preparation, so it is worthwhile.

We are planning to hold a communication-oriented workshop and an interpretation-training workshop respectively once a year.






VOISはわたしが所属しているグループでこのワークショップの主催者です。VOIS の普段のクラスの紹介をしました。参加者は「静岡を訪れるつもりですが、どこがいいですか。そこはどんなところですか。」という質問の答えを15分内に書きます。その後、それを披露し、他の人が通訳しました。


・・・というのが表向きの、いえいえ、第一!第一の理由ですが、実はVOISのメンバーが減ってきたので、ちょっと会の運営費の足しになればいいな〜という下心があったのです。んがっ!やってみたら、全然儲からなかった・・・。はっ、はっ、はっ!(笑うしかない) ネイティブに準備から参加してもらっているからですが、うーん、準備するところから勉強になっているから、やる価値はあります。。


VOIS August 4

Usually we do not have VOIS – Volunteer Interpreters Shizuoka – classes in August.
But this year the other members are going to take the exam for Tour Guide License restricted to Shizuoka in September, so we got together and studied without a teacher last Saturday. Can you believe it; we had planned to study from 10:30 – 17:00! (I have a full license, so I do not need to take the exam, but it’s a good chance to study further so I joined the self-study session).

We started with guide vocabulary. For this class, we were to memorize 275 words from the blog of the school master of Hello Interpreters Academy.  Thank you, Yamafuji sensei.
After that, we timed 15 minutes in which we were to write an explanation for the mock question “Explain accommodations in Japan.” We read our explanations aloud and other members interpreted them into Japanese. Listening to other people’s explanation was very good learning. We did the same thing for “Explain ‘Wakaba’ mark and ‘Momiji’ mark on cars”. This topic was on Utecchan’s latest mail magazine and we took on it for our practice. Thank you so much, Utecchan.

In the interval, we went to a family-style restaurant for lunch. We ended up spending two and half hours there. Mainly chatting…(^_^;) 
We learned a lesson from this; next time we have the studying session we will take lunch with us.

By the way, this session was held at one of our members’ place.
In her neighborhood, there is a huge house I admire whenever I drive by.
Lo and behold! I was told there is a rumor that a very famous singer/actor, T.K., and his wife, a famous singer, S.K., own this house.
Actually the member said she had seen a man who looked very much like the actor driving by.
Can it be a kind of city legends? I am curious..


通訳案内士用の語彙テストから始めました。この日までに275個の単語を覚えてくることになってました。これにはハロー通訳アカデミーの学院長のブログを利用させていただきました。 やまふじ先生(?)ありがとうございます〜。



July 25, 2005

We have uploaded the pictures from the 英語でおしゃべりWorkshop on VOIS's website at
If you are interested, visit it and take a look!

VOIS 静岡ボランティア通訳の会のホームページに 英語でおしゃべりWorkshopの写真をアップしました〜。こちら→

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↑ A small report about the workshop from today’s Shizuoka Shimbun.
This is Mark’s class.

The “Eigo de Oshaberi Workshop” is finally over!!!!

I am a member of VOIS, Volunteer Interpreters Shizuoka and this is our third time to host the event. We held the last two on our own, but this time Shizuoka Association for International Relations, an organization of the Prefecture, co-hosted the event.

We had set the limit of the number of participants at 50, but with the cooperation of the association this time more than 60 people wanted to enter the event and we had to decline some. With some last minute cancellation, about 50 people came to the workshop.

We offered nine classes (6 kinds), among which you can take 3 classes at most, house tours, and a free conversation lounge.

We are glad that so many people came.
This time the Association invited people who have registered themselves as volunteer interpreters, so many of the participants were so good at English! It’s amazing to know there are so many English experts in Shizuoka and I am glad that we offered a place for them to get to know each other.

One of the purposes is to offer people who like English and learners of English a place to make friends with each other talking in English and exchanging information.

It takes a lot of time and labor to run this kind of event, but every time after the workshop I feel it is worth doing.



えーと、わたしは静岡ボランティア通訳の会 VOIS−Volunteer Interpreters Shizuoka −にはいってまして、このイベントをやるのは三度目です。





May 27, 2007

As some of you know, I am a member of Volunteer Interpreters Shizuoka VOIS.
We have a class twice a month, and so far we held an event called “Eigo de Oshaberi WORKSHOP”in 2005 and 2006.

This year again we are holding the event on July 7, 2007! Yeah!
This time we are co-hosting it with an organization of Shizuoka Prefectural Office, Shizuoka Association for International Relations.

We will offer nine thirty-minute classes by native speakers of English and VOIS members. Other activities in the event are a house tour in English, free conversation lounge with international students, mingle time and so on.

For the last two times we had it on our own, and we had a hard time borrowing the venue, advertising the event, budgeting, etc.
So we asked the prefecture and the city for their sponsorship.
To our surprise, the prefecture suggested that we co-host it with them. They were looking for a good idea to give a follow-up event for students who took volunteer Interpreters Course given by Shizuoka Prefecture. And the city was willing to let us use their name as a sponsor.

You can probably imagine how this change lifted our burden to arrange everything.
The permission to use an old western-style house designated as a National Registered Asset was granted to us with a single phone call….just like that.
We didn’t make any profits even we charged \1,800.- per person, but this time with the help from the prefecture, the admission was set at \700.-.

If you are interested, go to the following websites for details. ←This website was opened just recently and we've got no message on the guestbook. Go and be the first one to post a message. There will be no reward, though. Thank you for your understanding.

We, the VOIS members, will do our best to make the event worth attending.






(このホームページ、出来たばかりでゲストブックにメッセージが一件もありません。(T_T) さあ!行って最初のメッセージを入れてください! 賞品はアリマセン。あしからず。)



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