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We made new stock list to overseas customers !!!!

We made new stock list to overseas customers! 
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<< 60’s Ska / Rocksteady / Earlyreggae / Bossreggae / Skins >> 

Hopeton Lewis - Come Live It Up Tonight / She’s Gone (Duke Reid Blank JA)
Progressions - Another World / Any Little Bit (Rupie Martin’s Blank JA)
Prince Buster - Try A Little Tenderness / All My Loving (Fab UK)
Val Bennett - Reggae City / Cannon king - Mellow Trumpet (Crab UK)
Lester Sterling - Indian Summer / Stranger&Patsy - I’ll Forgive You (R&B UK)
Vern&Alvin - Everybody Reggae / Another Fool (Blue Cat UK)
Joe Higgs - Mademoiselle / Clancy Eccles - Lion Sleeps Tonight (Clancy’s Blank JA)
Claudette - Skinheads A Bush Them / The Corporation - Walking Through Jerusalem (Grape UK)
Sensations -  Those Guys / I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (Duke UK)
Joey&Butch - You Promised Love / Alton&Joey - Oh, What A Smile Can Do (Dutchess JA)
The Wrigglers - The Cooler / You Cannot Know (Giant UK)
Jackie Mittoo - Evening Time / The Righteous Flames - Ease Up (Supreme JA)
Pat Satchmo - Hello Dolly / Eric Donaldson - Never Get Away (Punch UK)
Girl Satchmo - I’m Coming Home / Take Your For A Ride (Treasure Isle Blank JA)
Norma Frazer - Heartaches / I Was Born To Be Loved (Coxsone UK)
Bobby Aitken&The Caribbeat - My World / Wall Flower (Lee JA)
Renegades - Knocking On My Door / You’re Too Young To Love (Merritone Blank JA)
The Tonetts - I’ll Give It To You / Dobby Dobson - Ride You Donkey (Coxsone JA)
The Treetops - Moving To Progress / Love And Inspiration (Studio 1 UK)
Ethiopians - I’m Gonna Be Free / Headache (Merritone Blank JA)
Byron Lee - Bata Cha Cha Cha / Fiesta Twist (Bata JA)
Hopeton Lewis&Glen Brown - Skinny Leg Girl / Live Like A King (Wirl Blank JA)
Phil Pratt - Safe Travel / Girl Like Dirt (Wiggle Spoon Blank JA)
Freedom Singers - Have Faith / Work Crazy (Studio 1 UK)
M.Morris,D.Morgan,Patsy,P.Buster - Stir The Pot / P.Buster - Lord Have Mercy (P.Buster Blank JA)
Delroy Wilson - I Want Justice / Low Minded Hypocrite (Studio 1 JA)
Hugh Godfrey - My Time / Marcia Griffiths - Hound Dog (Studio 1 UK)
Bob Marley&The Wailers - What’s New Pussy Cat? / Where Will I Find (Supreme JA)
Laurel Aitken - Bagaboo / I Remember (Giant JA) Red Vinyle
The Gaysters - One Look / Delano Stewaet -Rocking Sensation (High Note JA)
Buster All Stars - The Tickler / Cosmo - Rice And Badgee (Blue Beat UK)
Pioneers - Reggae Beat / Miss Eve (Blue Cat UK)
Bobby Aitkin&The Caribeats - This Heart Of Mine / Till I die (Wirl JA)
The Heptones - Crying Over You / Lloyd&The Groovers - Do It To Me Baby (Caltone Blank JA)
Alton Ellis - My Time Is The Right Time / Johnny Moore - Tribute To Sir Alex (Pama UK)
Max Romeo - Love / Hippy Boys - Whole Family Is Here (Max Romeo Blank JA)
Lee King Perry - Mother In Law / Don Drummond - Surplus (C&N JA)
Winston Francis - Games People Play / Gladiators - The Kicks (Studio 1 UK)
The Maytones - Call You Up / Billy Goat (Blue Cat UK)
The Wriggers - Get Right / If I Did Look (Blue Cat UK)
Techniques - I Wish It Would Rain / Techniques - There Comes A Time (Duke UK)
Henry Buckley - I’ll Reach The End / Won’t Go Away (Island UK)
The Hippy Boys - Nigeria / Picadilly Hop (Gay Feet JA)
Tommy McCook - Personality / Diana (Duke UK)
The Mighty Sparrow - Under My Skin / English Diplomacy (National JA)
Glen Adams - She So Fine / Roy Wilson - Dread Saras (Bunny Lee Blank JA)
Tommy McCook - Sampson / Roy and Paulette - My Arms Are Waithing (R&B UK)
The Blue Beats - Change Your Gear / R.Alphonso - Lee Harvey Jnr (C&N JA)yellow Vinyle
Winston Samuels - Peace Of Mind / Prince Buster&Teddy King - Shepherd Beng (Fab UK)
Owen Gray - Apollo 12 / Understand My Love (Fab UK)
Prince Buster - Let’s Go To The Dance / Gimme Some Sign, Girl (Prince Buster JA)
The Wailers - Rasta Shook Them Up / Soul Bros. - Ringo’s Ska (Coxsone JA)
Sir Gibbs - People Grudgful / Pan Ya Machete (Amalgamated UK)
Patsy - Hangin On’ / Lyn Taitt&The Jets - The Loop (Gay Feet JA)
Diane Lawrence - Hound Dog / Dawn Penn - I’ll Let You Go (Lee JA)
Lord Tanamo - Ol’ Fowl / Rock Of Gibraltar (Sep JA)
Keith&Tex - This Is My Song / Don’t Look Back (Derrick’s Blank JA)
Don Drummond - Smiling / The Vibrators - Money Or Love (Top Deck JA)
The Gaylettes - Good Bye / Don’t Believe Her (Gaydisc JA)
Bobby Aitken - Gypsy Woman / Never Let Me Go (Lee JA)
Ben Levy - Doreen / Never Knew Love (Ska Beat UK)
Jackie Mittoo - Killer Diller / Patrick Hytton - Oh Lady (Island UK)
Rupie Edwards&The Virtues - Burning Love / I’m Wrning Again (Diamond JA)
Tommy McCook - The Liquidator / Tribute To Don (Alanarc US)
Tommy McCook - Indian Love Call / Owen And Leon - How Would You Feel (Doctor Bird UK)
Higgs&Wilson - Give Me A Try / Gun Talk (Luxor JA)
The Soul Vendors - Whip Time / The Heptones - If You Knew (Coxsone JA)
Desmond Dekker&The Aces - Foo Manchu / The Maytals - We Shall Overcome (Pyramid UK)
Roy&Enid - Rocking Time / Ralph Blake - High Blood Pressure (Coxsone UK)
Buster’s All Stars - Cincinnatti Kid / Sammy Dead (Blue Beat UK)
Don Drummond - Marcus Junior / Ferdie Nelson - Weeping And Wailing (Top Deck JA)
Baba Brooks - This Is Thunder / The Dingle Bros - Tank De Lard (Gay Feet JA)
Robert Marley - One Cup Of Coffee / Ernest Ranglin - Exodus (Island UK)
Wilson’s Bros - One Last Kiss / Don Drummond - Green Island (Studio 1 JA)
The Blues Busters - Soon You Will Be Gone / Donna (Kentone JA)
Lord Creator - Big Bamboo / Tush Me Ti Li Lee (Randy’s JA)
Stranger&Patsy - Your Photograph / Tell It To Me (Gay Feet JA)
The Upsetters - For A Few Dollars More / Monty Morris - Can’t Get No Peace (Camel UK)
Carribeans - Let Me Walk By / The Amblings - Tell Me Why (Doctor Bird UK)
Roland Alphonso - Christin Killer / The Gaylads - Sly Mangoose (C&N Blank JA) Red Vinyle
Lyn Taitt & The Jets - Mr.Dooby / Claude &Gino - The Mighty Quinn (Merritone JA)
Prince Buster - The Hunter / Little Joe (P.Buster JA)
Lord Tanamo - Mother’s Choice / Tanamo&Yvonne -  Always Wanting You (Sep JA)
Soul Brothers - TNT / Marcia Griffiths - My Everything (Coxsone Blank JA)
Carlos Malcolm&His Afro Jamaican Rhythm - Ghost Rides In The Sky / Royal Ska (Up Beat JA)
Soul Vendors - Last Waltz / The Hamlins - Sentimental Reasons (Coxsone UK)
Jackie Opel - The Lord Is With Me / A Little More (Ska Beat UK)
Lloyd Charmers - Safari / Hippy Boys - Cuyah (Tramp Blank JA)
The Cables - El Condor Pasa / Earl Brown - Love And Soul (Harry J Blank JA)
Lloyd Robinson - Cuss Cuss / Lavender Blue (Harry J Blank JA)
Slim Smith - Lonely Lover / Freedom Singers - Have Faith (Coxsone Blank JA)
Derrick Harriott - Do I Worry / Bobby Ellis - Shuntin’ (Crystal Blank JA)
Bop&The Beltones - Love / Soul Vendors - You Trouble Me (Coxsone Blank JA)
Drumbago&The Dynamites - Dulcimena / Clancy Eccles - China Man (Clany’s Blank JA)
Keith&Tex - Stop That Train / Feeling Peckish (Move&Groove Blank JA)
Soul Brothers - So Ho / Ethiopians - Live Good (Coxsone Blank JA)
Marcia Griffiths - Don’t Let Me Down / Karl Bryan&Winston Blake - What Happen Man (Harry J Blank JA)
Carl Dawkins - I’ll Make It Up / JJ All Stars - One Dollar Of Soul (1968 Sir JJ Blank JA)
Clarendonians - He Who Laughs Last / Laurel Aitkin - Landlords And Tenants (1970 Bunny Lee JA)
Tommy McCook&The Skatalites - King Solomon / Joe White - Sinner (ND Records Blank JA)
Jack&Beans - Mr. Sweet / Roy Richards - Soul Eruption (Coxsone Blank JA)
Hamlins - I Don’t Care / News Carrier (1968 Lloyd Daley Blank JA) 
Soulettes - Time To Turn / Peter Tosh&The Wailers - Can’t You See (Supreme Blank JA)
Johnny Moore - Big Big Boss / Karl Bryan - Intensifield Regay (Matador Blank JA)
Richard Ace - Hang Em High / Black&George - Candy Lady (Harry j Blank JA)
Ken Boothe - Danger Zone / Melodians - Meet Me (Coxsone Blank JA)
Heptones - Dock Of The Bay / Anthony Ellis - I Am The Ruler (Coxsone Blank JA)
Ken Boothe - Can’t You See / Ken Boothe - I Remember Someone (Links Blank JA)
Lester Sterling - Soul Voyage / Alva Lewis - Revelation (Bunny Lee Blank JA)
Al Campbell - Don’t Run Away / Soul Vendors - Real Rock (Coxsone Blank JA)
Carlton&The Shoes - Me And You / This Feeling (Supreme Blank JA)
Soul Defenders - Way Back Home / Soul Rebels - Stand For Your Right (Banana UK)
Crystalites - Splash Down / Finders Keepers (Crystal Blank JA)
Now Generation - Cup Of Tea / Ver (Minstrels Inc Blank JA)
Randy’s All Stars - Funky In Jamaica Pt1 / Pt2 (Chappy JA)
Stranger Cole - When I Get My Freedom / Life Can Be Beautiful (Unity UK)
The Chosen Few - I’m Sorry / Melting Pot (Move&Groove JA)
Alton Ellis - Try To Reach My Goal / I Can’t Stand It (Treasure Isle JA)
Alton Ellis - Diana / English Talk (Gas UK)
Trevor Sheild&The Beltones - Please / The J. Boys - Splender Splash (Harry J UK)
Al Campbell&Freddy McKay - Born A Free Man / Little LuLu - Love&Abey (Fab UK)
Freddie Notes&The Rudies - Rudexodus / Down On The Farm (Trojan Pre UK)
Music Doctors - The Wild Bunch / Israelites - Born To Be Strong (J-Dan UK)
Music Doctors - Bush Doctor / Lick Your Stick (J-Dan UK)
Hopeton Lewis - Rock A Shacka / I Don’t Want Trouble (Merritone Blank JA)
Jackie Opel - Valley Of Green / Tears From Eyes (Top Deck JA)
Don Drummond - China Town / Ferdie Nelson - War And Strife (Top Deck JA)
Lord Creator - Evening News / Good For Creator (Blue Beat UK)
Jackie Mittoo - Peaches / Val Bennett - Soul Joint (Coxsone Blank JA)
Ewan&Primo Lyn Taitt&Raymond Harper - Candy Ska / Your Safe Keep (Doctor Bird Blank JA)
Slim Smith - Place In The Sun / Sunny Side Of the Sea (Unity UK)
The Shade - She Is Gonna Marrie Me / Marrie Me Version (Riley Inc JA)
Tyrone Davis - If This World Were Mine / You Done Me Wrong (Treasure Isle JA Blank JA)
Slim Smith - Only Soul Can Tell / Roland Alphonso - Life In living Colours (P.Buster Blank JA)
Overtakers - Beware / Risk You A Run (Matador Blank JA)
Prince Buster - Bore Nose Coolie / Eye For Eye (Islam Blank JA)
Prince Buster - Prince Of Peace / Adios Se?orita (Prince Buster JA)
Gaylads - Gal&Boy / Don Drummond - Fidel Castro (C&N Blank JA)
Termites - Searching So Long / Karl Bryan - Night Curfew (Wirl Blank JA)
Scorches - Hear Ya / Vibrators - Live Life (Duke UK)
Bob Melody - The Break / The Salvation - Suffering Stink (Duke UK)
The Setters - Organ Man / Paint Your Wagon (Duke UK)
Lee Perry&Soulettes - Let It Be / Ver (Upsetter Blank JA)
Dice The Boss - Brixton Big And Fat / Joes All Stars - Solitude (Joe UK)
Joes All Stars - Read The News / Your Boss D.J. (Joe UK)
Dice The Boss - But Officer / Joes All Stars - Reggae On The Shore (Joe UK)

<< 70’s Reggae / Deep Roots / Roots Rockers / Soul Reggae / Funky Reggae / Dub >>  

Alton Ellis - I Love You / True To Yourself (Melrose JA)
IM - The Way To My Heart / Jerry&Freedom - It’s All In The Game (Banana UK)
Tyrone Downey - Free For All / Aston “Family” Man Barrett - Red Up Paluka (1974 Tafari Blank JA)
Bullwackies All Stars - Skin Tight Part 1 / Skin Tight Part 2 (Aires US)
Lloyd Charmers - Reggae Pie Pie / Lloyd Charmers&Dave Barker - Black Power (Splash JA)
Augustus Pablo - Iggy Iggy / Aquarius 2 ( Aquarius JA ) 1st Cut 
Herman - East Of The River Nile / River Nile Version (Big Shot UK)
Roman Stewart - Never Too Young To Lean / Version (Pantomine JA)
Roman Stewart - Doing Fine / Doing Fine 2 (Aiken Records US)
Alton Ellis - Rise Blackman / Herman Chin - Loy - Duck It Up (Aquarius Blank JA)
Pablo&Fay - Bedroom Mazurka / The Crystalites - Version 2 (Randy’s UK)
Alton Ellis - Knocking At My Door / Version (Coxsone JA)
Leroy Wallace - Far Beyond  / The New Establishment - Ver (Bongo Man JA) 
Mike Anthony - Why War / Version (Trinity 1 JA)
Glenmore Brown - Away With The Bad (Forward The Good) (South East Music JA)
Melonie Waters - Fever / Sweet Chariot (Quintessence JA)
Zappow - River / River Stone (Zap Pow JA)
Lawyer - Unity  / Version (Romeo JA)
Junior Mervin - Tedious / The Upsetters - Tedious Dub (Orchid JA)
The Congoes - Ark Of The Covernant / Upsetter - Noah Sugar Pan (Blackark JA)
The Congos - Row Fisherman / Upsetters - Congo Dub (Upsetter JA)
Danny Hensworth - Mr. Money Man / Upsetters - Dub Money (Upsetter JA)
The Mistic - Forword With The Orthordox / Orthodox Dub (Upsetter JA)
Junior Ainsworth - Thanks And Praise / Uppsetter - Dub And Praise (Upsetter JA)
Dave Robinson - Everyone Is Crying / Pt.2 (Jigsaw JA)
Light Of Saba - Lambs Bread Collie / Collie Version (The Light Of Saba JA)
Peter Tosh - Oppressor Man / Version (Trans-AM JA)
Alpha&The Mellow - Feel Alright / Version (Blue Shot JA)
Alpha&The Mellow - I’m Trying / Version (Blue Shot JA)
Audrey Hall - Groove Situation / Situation (Kebar US)
Michael Levy - When I Gonna Get My Freedom / Version (Sosee JA)
Freddie Mckay - I Am A Freeman / F. Mckay&The Soul Defenders - Version Free (Money Disc JA)

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