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(60’s Early Reggae / Boss Reggae / Skins / Late Rocksteady )

Ken Boothe “Blessed Is The Man” / Alton&Winston “Suzie” (Aquarius Blank JA)
Joe White “I Am Free” / “Yesterday” (Sugar UK)
Peter Austin&Hippy Boys “Rag Mop” / Version (1970 Blue Ribbon ) Frederick Bell Prod
Twinkle Brothers “Til You Let It Begin” / "Sting Skank” (Northcoast Blank JA)
Family Circle “Phonix Reggae” / Big L “Music Box” (Attack UK)
The Pioneers “Alli Button” / The Hippy Boys “Death Rides”(Amalgamated UK)
Carlton Alphonso “Belittle ME” / Carlton Alphonso “Keep Your Love” (Grape UK)
The Imperials “Black Is Soul” / “Always With Me” (Bullet UK)
Monty Morris & The Maples “No More Tear Drops” / “Love Me Or Leave Me” (Camel UK)
Joe White “If I Had Someone” / You’ll Be Mine (Musicland JA) Randy’s All Stars
Dice The Boss “Gun The Man Down” / Joe Mansano “The Thief” (Joe UK)
Dice The Boss “Brixton Cat Big And Fat”/Joes All Stars “Solitude”(Joe UK)
Primo Davidson “Peace On Earth” / Bill Gentles “Long Life” (1969 Bunny Lee Blank JA)
Joe Higgs “Mademoisele” / Dynamites Feat Gladdy “Lion Wakes” (1969 Clancy ’s Blank JA)
Gaylads “Wha She Do Now” / “You Hard Your Chance” (1969 Dynamic Blank JA)
Busty Brown “Aware Of Love” / Hard Way To Go (Tramp Blank JA)
Busty Brown “So Much Soul” / Winston Wright “The Sleeper” (1970 Tramp Blank JA)
Drumbago&The Dynamites “Dulcimena” / “Chinaman” (Clany’s Blank JA)
Jackie Mittoo&Randy’s All Stars “30-60-90” / “Memphis Underground” (Randy’s Blank JA)
Tommy McCook&Randy’s All Stars “KT88 / “Memphis Underground” (1969 Randy’s Blank JA)
Sir Harry&The Hippy Boys “Neil Amstrong” / “More Games” (1969 GG’s Blank JA)
Austin Faithful “Can’t Understand” / Lloyd Robinson&Devon Russell “Out The Fire” (1968 Ronnie’s Blank JA)
Junior Murvin “Magic Touch” / Junior Soul “The Hustler” (Derrick’s Blank JA)
Lloyd Charmers “Safari” / “Cooyah” (1969 Tramp Blank JA)
Monty Morris “Last Laugh” / “You Really Got A Hold On Me” (1968 Doctor Bird UK)
Gaylettes - Something About My Man / Tennors - Rub me Khaki (Tennors Blank JA)
The Crashers - Off Track / Hurry Come Up (Amalgamated UK)
Roy Shirley - Music Island / Westmorelands - Samson Say (1969 Public Blank JA)
Derrick&Paulette - I Give You  My Heart / Yes I’ll Do It (Carifta Blank JA)
Trevor & Maytones - Have Your Time / Christmas Day (GG’s Blank JA)
Joes All Stars - Dynamite Line / It’s Not Impossible (Joe UK)
Winston Wright - Never Miss / Rupie Edwards - Talking Your Place (Success Blank JA)

(70’s Heavy Roots / Deep Roots / Roots Rock / Great Reggae )

Munchiie Jackson “A Dis Ya A Dub (DJ CUT)” / Bullwackie’s All Stars - "Version (DJ)” (Tafari JA)
Noel Tempo “Run Run Run” / Version” (Rotation’s JA)
Little Roy “Righteous Man” / Bull Wackie All Stars (Bull Wackie JA)
Joe Morgan The Steamers “Forward Ever” / Afro All Stars “Version” (Afro JA)
Glen Brown aka G.L.B. “Long Live Zion / Version (South East Music Limited JA)
Itals “Rude Boy Train” / “Version” (Waricka JA) 
Peter Tosh "Oppresor Man” / Version (Trans-AM JA)
The Kingstonians “Out There” / “Version” (Song Bird UK)
12 Tribes Of Israel “Kill The Devil” / "Bury The Devil" (Orthodox JA)
Calvil Bradford “Love Is Precious” / Channel 1 All Stars “Precious Dub” (Micron JA)
Frankey&The Young World Band “Slavery Days” / “Version” (Maroc JA)
The Versitales “Give Me Bread” / "Bread Version” (Halifax JA)
Two Plus One “Jah Say Love” / “Version” (Congo Records JA)
Noel Tempo “It’s Time To Be Free” / “Free Version” (Success JA)


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