Looking at SNS like a Twitter, perhaps FB, and even message board in Yahoo! Japan, there are certain people fly at gossip, negative bad stories attacking someone aggresively everyday. Too much fussing are going on dairy and those are escalated in each day. In addition, they are usually the same members. Seems that they are not realizing what they are doing.  Be honest, I used to be one of them until few years ago. So, I  know about this very well. It's sort of like an addiction. Once they started, they can't get out from it, they can't stop from it. How miserable that is. However, they don't even realized by themselves. Their main topics of gossips are famous people. They think they are talking about politics, they think themselves are smart, logically correct. Actually they don't. They are frustrated so that they want someone always want to bash,that's mainly what they are doing.

There is another thing. The argument. I think this also a certain training is required. And take a look at members, I think they don't even know about it, too.

In Japan, there are expression like this. "Office Ladies's gossips at a restroom"
Well, maybe you are feeling againsted because it suggests women, not men. Actually men are doing gossips, too. Personally hope that there will be another expression instead of this, but I can't find it so far.

Let's be honest.  It's not healthy. What's so funny about it? Is that your joy of your life, living? Do you want to spend time all day long for that? By watching them, I feel so pity on them because they don't even realized about themselves how miserable figure they are reflecting. Actually, they are wasting lives. Their behaviour is such a childish. Remind a word "goofy".    

How easy that is. So much easier than writing/talking good conversations.
I've heard their excuses so many times, "I'm not a saint" such and such. How many times I've heard this word. They just can't stop it. They think they are right. Obviously they don't. I think this is related to "Self-esteem", though.

There is another problem. Maybe because of Japanese is my mother language. I feel something not comfortable with. It's not just a language matter. The way of their expression? No, what I always bothering me is "labeling".
For example, one person tweeted about a famous foreign politician, actually ex-politician. He said because this is dangerous person. Maybe right. Yet, something is bothering me. It's sort of like a "conspirational theory".  Looking at gossips, rumors kind of writings are easily related to this. Oh, by the way. The person who tweeted is a so called "professional expert".  A moment I thought about it, and did not RT. The reason is above.

Back to my case. I've checked about myself and start thinking about my life habit. This is another reason I started morning own Bible Study. Hint is here. "Lectio Devina", a Catholic tradition. I think this is very good. Waking up early in the morning during around 3 to 6 a.m. usually. Start it about one hour reading the Bible and spiritual books in silence. There is one more thing. I don't run or join book club, yet I figured out I can start my own personal project,reading PB. Reading Jane Austen is one of my projects this year. You can start your own book club at anytime.

To get out from those addictions, you have to be realized about yourself first. Listen to your heart. Make off line, spend time alone. Then find something you can enjoy. Seek for something spiritually good for.

Of course, it's your life. I can't stop you. Yet, you have a chance to quit. Certainly I do not get involved w/ those people. I think this is silent majority people think about those sort of people. Actually this is what I was told so. Since then, I started think about my daily habit. I don't want to waste my life make it miserable, don want to spend time acting like a trashy. There are so much beauties out there if you see them other than internet. Off line, take a walk, reading books, listening musics, watching movies and dramas. There is a choice. Why can't you try it?

I shall make efforts to find gratitudes and joy everyday. Taking a note is a good habit.

Would you like to stay accompanied with them, or would you like to stop a bad habit? It's up to your decision.


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ジリアン・テット著 『サイロ・エフェクト』
カール・ヒルティ著 『幸福論第三部』
桜井彦孝著 『母の遺言』
ヨゼフ・ピタウ著 『イタリアの島から日本へ、そして世界へ』
ルーディ・ラッカー著 『時空ドーナツ』
グロリア・スタイネム著 『ほんとうの自分を求めて』
シェリル・サンドバーグ著 『Lean In』
エミリー・マッチャー著 『ハウスワイフ2.0』
Michael Lewis著 "The Big Short"(PB)
Pope Francis著 "Evangelii Gaudium The Joy of the Gospel" (PB)


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ジェイン・オースティン 『エマ』(原書PB)
ポール・ギャリコ 『雪のひとひら』
ロバート・D・エルドリッジ 『オキナワ論』
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教皇フランシスコ 『秘跡 聖霊のたまもの 教会 − 教皇講和集』



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