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ナノさんが洋楽っぽく歌った「The Beast.」の歌詞です。



「The Beast.」
英訳 by ナノ

I would gaze at the pieces stacked so carefully with love
from behind the closed shutters that were windows to your heart
I could not find a way to build a door to let me in
(自分を中に入れるためのドアさえ 作ることもできなかった)
It was all because I couldn't throw away my selfish pride

Once upon a time, a prince was turned into a beast by an evil magic spell.
(昔々 王子は悪い魔法で 野獣の姿にされました。)
I cast magic upon my own self
and transformed from an ugly human into a beautiful beast.
"There are things that I would rather leave unsaid,"
fear of opening a long forgotten wound.
There inside the castle that I built all for myself
it was filled with an emptiness so deep that I could drown

One day, suddenly, you appeared
(ある日 突然 あなたは現れた)
you had everything I had ever dreamed to have
the bricks I stacked towered over you
(僕が積み上げたレンガは あなたよりもずっと高かったのに)
but you stepped and you jumped and you went right over
(あなたは歩み寄って 飛び越えて あっという間に行ってしまった)

It's sad how cold you have become, bet you were lonely all along"
(「悲しいくらい冷たいね ずっと寂しかったんだね」)
scared to declare but you gave it a flare
to repair the affair of words that were really unfair
(あなたは 本当に不公平な言葉を 取り繕う能力を与えた)

I would envy the pieces stacked so carefully with love
so meticulously folded one on top of the other
Locked inside a lonely castle that I built all for myself
And the doors I would close to hide away my selfish pride
(ドアを閉じて遠くへ隠した 幼い僕のプライド)

With my newfound strengths and an immortal body,
I felt as if there was nothing I couldn't achieve.

"There are things that I would rather leave unsaid,"
fear of losing every precious thing I had
Finally the King appears in his lonesome castle and
is amazed by his very first beautiful taste of love

"Spare me from your sympathy, 'cause I really doubt you would ever understand"
(「同情なんかはよしてよ お前にわかってたまるかよ」)
you bite and you fight and grab and you stab
(噛みついて 戦って 掴んで 突き刺して)
but you managed to get what you dearly wanted in the end
(けれどあなたは最後まで 僕の心から欲しかったものをどうにか掴んでいた)

I would gaze at the outer world so unified by love
(愛で統合された 外の世界を眺めていた)
but the one thing I failed to see was the most important thing
and my soul so familiar to the loneliness inside
glowered at the pool of sun as it collected at my feet
(自らの足で集めるにつれて 日だまりをにらみつけた)

That is why I could not forgive the fact that I needed the help of others to live.
(そういうわけで 私は他人の助けを必要とするのを許せなかったのです)
Trapped within his selfish pride,he spent too many dark years in solitude.
(幼いプライドが作り上げた策略で あまりにも長く暗い時をたった独りで過ごしました)

"There are things that I would rather leave unsaid,
yes, I know that it's your way of showing love."
(ええ それがあなたの愛し方だということは知っています』)
Quietly the King retreats into his castle and
the emotions threaten from inside his lonely heart

"There are things that I would rather leave unsaid,
hoping for a love that would never fade away."
(決して消えることのない 永遠の愛を望んでいました』)
Given only eternity to do what must be done
I will happily devote myself for the sake of those I love

"Open the door and step right, won't you stay a while, and let yourself be loved…"
(『扉を開けて すぐに歩いて行って 立ち止まらずに 愛せばよかったなあ・・・』)

In the warmth hidden deep inside the shadows of your heart
lonely walls start to crumble in the castle you have built
and the days you have given up in search of your happiness
is the one thing that tells you not to give up easily

I will gaze at the passing world and scatter it with love
(過去を見つめて 愛をばらまこう)
as the tears fall endlessly I watch you walk away
(あなたが歩き去るのを見ていると 涙がとめどなく溢れてくる)
I'd gladly wait a thousands years if I knew that it would bring
(もう一度あなたに会って 共に幸せに過ごせるその時まで)
us together again and we'd live happily ever after


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