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GRE 単語


101 antagonize
Chinatsu antagonized Akane because Chinatsu slept with Akari.

102 appease

103 apprise
Ayano cannot apprise Kyoko of her heart.

104 cadge
Kyoko cadged Yui by eating an ice cream.

105 clinch
It is clear that the battle of breast side is clinched.

106 confound
Ayano was confound by dating with Yui.

107 dissemble
Ayano dissembles that she loves Kyoko.

108 exact
China exacted a kiss from Akari.

109 foment
Chizuru foment for Ayano dating with Kyoko.

110 fortify
Akane fortified her inclination to her sister Akari.

111 gainsay
Sakurkao gainsays that Himawari should not be a vice president. 

112 insinuate
China insinuate that she dislikes Kyoko.

113 jabber
Ayano always jabbers in front of Kyoko.

114 mollify
Akane mollified Akari when Akari went back to the past.

115 mollycoddle
China is mollycoddled and so her paintings are terrible.

116 mortify
Ayano mortified because she cannot see Kyoko in Comuke.

117 pan
Chizuru often pans Kyoko.

118 persevere
Akane perseveres in taking care of Akari.

119 pique (pik)
Chizuru piqued because she sees her sister Chitose is talking to Kyoko.

120 plumb
The pity girl's hair plumbed by stabbed pens with Akari's hair.

121 proscribe

122 rail
China is railed by being said that she is dark.

123 rave
Oneday Akane raves about Akari's smell.

124 rebuff
Chizuru rebuffed Kyoko at the first time.

125 repine
Kyoko repined that Yui did not prepare any ice creams.

126 smudge
Akari pillow is smudged by Akane.

127 concord
Vivaldi's music is highly valued for its concord.

128 delirium
China was in an obvious state of delirium when she was kissing Akari.

129 detoxification

130 din
Sakurako is tired of the din coming from her sisters.

131 erudition
Akari is ERUDITION!!!

132 extirpation
Male extirpated in Yuruyuri's world.

133 fermentation
Takuan is one of the Japanese fermentation foods.

134 hamper
Before China used Yui's hamper, Kyoko took a bath.

135 hemorrhage
Chitose has a habit of hemorrhage when she takes off her glasses.

136 hibernation
Akari was a state of hibernation when she was kissed by China.

137 inhibitor
Nothing was an inhibitor so as to stop China.

138 opaqueness
The relationship between Yui and Ayano is opaqueness.

139 plait
Himawari's plait hair

140 propagation
Jellyfish propagates.

141 pucker
China puckers up her brows when Kyoko attracts Yui.

142 pundit
Teacher Nishizaki is not a pundit of innovation but an amateur.

143 putrefacion
Akane is a typical putrefaction sister.

144 resiilence
Akari has a strong resilience because she believes she is a main character of Yuruyuri.

145 ruffle
Chizuru was ruffled up by Kyoko.

146 savant

147 silt
Some silt attached to Akari's New Year's card.

148 slab
A real slab Japanese radish

149 aberrant
Nobody says that Akane is an aberrant sister.

150 aboveboard
Himawari will be an aboveboard vice president.

151 abraded
The accident of Akari's New Year's card was caused by the abraded tires 

152 allusive
Himasaku's relationship is allusive.

153 apocryphal
President's words are apocryphal.

154 arcane
Namori is an arcane living thing. It can write Yuruyuri at a marvelous speed. 

155 avid
Akane is an avid fun of her sister.

156 cardinal
Weight is a cardinal problem for Himawari.

157 convoluted
Relationships between women are convoluted.

158 corporeal
China has a corporeal relationship with Akari.

159 cryptic
Namori is a cryptic manga writer.

160 fleeting
Akari is a fleeting girl.

161 germane
Sisters relationship is germane.

162 hapless
Akari is a hapless girl.

163 heretical
Akane is well-known sister for her heretical tendency.

164 immaterial
The bust size is not immaterial in this situation.

165 implausible
Himawari has a implausible bust.

166 inimitable
Inimitable girl friends

167 intermittent
Akane's turn is intermittent but outstanding.

168 liable
Girl's heart is liable like a Autumn weather.

169 laconic

170 lugubrious
Ayano was heard that Comuke was finished with lugubrious expression,

171 malleable
Akari is a malleable girl. Her self-introduction was strange.

172 offhand
Sakurako dislikes cooking and so she wants to make do with offhand food.

173 off-key
Ayano is so off-key when she is near Kyoko.

174 perennial
Akane's feeling is perennial.

175 pernicious
China regards Kyoko as a pernicious enemy.

176 precarious
Akari's turn is precarious. She usually disappears.

177 prodigious
Kyoko has a prodigious memory and envied by Ayano.

178 quixotic
The UFO appears quixotically and spoils Akari's avan.

179 rife
The dream that Akari is a main character is ride for a short moment.

180 sedulous
The sedulous cleaning of Akane's house was done before her sister left.

181 abrogate
Kyoko once insist of abrogating the Amusement club.

182 abscond
Akari cannot abscond in front of China.

183 bereave
China bereaved Akari's lip.




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