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問 1 p83 の文章をメモ化してください。

問 2 p83の文章の概要を述べてください。(1/3くらいにする。)

問 3 頭語なし訳とサイトラの違いを述べ。p114をサイトラしてください。

問 4 Chairman Okuda Speech をアメリカの小学生でもわかる話し言葉にパラフレーズしてください。

Measures for Dealing with Employment of Young People
It goes without saying that reform of the administrative structure and streamlining of government operations are matters we must seriously address. But, in view of the deteriorating public safety situation in the country, we must increase the number of police officers to protect the nation's safety and give the people a sense of security. We can improve indispensable public services, such as day care and environmental preservation, by abolishing or curtailing public services losing relevance. Public services should be considered as a way of providing jobs for young people, because these indispensable services are jobs young people can devote themselves to.

問 5 価格交渉のシナリオを書いてください。(リテンション・リプロダクション練習と商談通訳練習を参考にしてよい。)   A社(日本側) B社(外国側)で    A ・ B とも 5センテンス以上


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