A team of astronomers led by Tomoharu Oka, a professor at Keio University in Japan, has found an enigmatic gas cloud, called CO-0.40-0.22, only 200 light years away from the center of the Milky Way. What makes CO-0.40-0.22 unusual is its surprisingly wide velocity dispersion: the cloud contains gas with a very wide range of speeds. The team found this mysterious feature with two radio telescopes, the Nobeyama 45-m Telescope in Japan and the ASTE Telescope in Chile, both operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. To investigate the detailed structure, the team observed CO-0.40-0.22 with the Nobeyama 45-m Telescope again to obtain 21 emission lines from 18 molecules. The results show that the cloud has an elliptical shape and consists of two components: a compact but low density component with a very wide velocity dispersion of 100 km/s, and a dense component extending 10 light years with a narrow velocity dispersion. 
What makes this velocity dispersion so wide? There are no holes inside of the cloud. Also, X-ray and infrared observations did not find any compact objects. These features indicate that the velocity dispersion is not caused by a local energy input, such as supernova explosions.
The team performed a simple simulation of gas clouds flung by a strong gravity source. In the simulation, the gas clouds are first attracted by the source and their speeds increase as they approach it, reaching maximum at the closest point to the object. After that the clouds continue past the object and their speeds decrease. The team found that a model using a gravity source with 100 thousand times the mass of the Sun inside an area with a radius of 0.3 light years provided the best fit to the observed data. "Considering the fact that no compact objects are seen in X-ray or infrared observations," Oka, the lead author of the paper that appeared in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, explains "as far as we know, the best candidate for the compact massive object is a black hole."
If that is the case, this is the first detection of an intermediate mass black hole. Astronomers already know about two sizes of black holes: stellar-mass black holes, formed after the gigantic explosions of very massive stars; and supermassive black holes (SMBH) often found at the centers of galaxies. The mass of SMBH ranges from several million to billions of times the mass of the Sun. A number of SMBHs have been found, but no one knows how the SMBHs are formed. One idea is that they are formed from mergers of many intermediate mass black holes. But this raises a problem because so far no firm observational evidence for intermediate mass black holes has been found. If the cloud CO-0.40-0.22, located only 200 light years away from Sgr A* (the 400 million solar mass SMBH at the center of the Milky Way), contains an intermediate mass black hole, it might support the intermediate mass black hole merger scenario of SMBH evolution.
These results open a new way to search for black holes with radio telescopes. Recent observations have revealed that there are a number of wide-velocity-dispersion compact clouds similar to CO-0.40-0.22. The team proposes that some of those clouds might contain black holes. A study suggested that there are 100 million black holes in the Milky Way Galaxy, but X-ray observations have only found dozens so far. Most of the black holes may be "dark" and very difficult to see directly at any wavelength. "Investigations of gas motion with radio telescopes may provide a complementary way to search for dark black holes" said Oka. "The on-going wide area survey observations of the Milky Way with the Nobeyama 45-m Telescope and high-resolution observations of nearby galaxies using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have the potential to increase the number of black hole candidates dramatically."


then it is concrete

The breakdown of the fleeting time, how many people and things with the time quietly at your fingertips. Or have a moving story, or a beautiful legend, or a...... And all this in the end is only a void of memory. Memory is the footprint of no mark, it will never find the way back.. So, a lot of people will stay in the memory of.
Memories are Acacia poison, drink it, life will be injured. Good stories, good people in the memories, slowly life will scars. When you become more painful, the pain away so much once belongs to own good, then the heart has unwilling. In order to live, we have abandoned the past; in order to destiny, we have abandoned the memory, all this evil source from that distant dream "!
Grown up, we live in reality, because parents care; grow up, we live in a dream, because we are helpless.
Those years of chasing the dream, we call youth! Youth has no color and shape, youth only taste and goal. It is not a short season, but not the beautiful picture. Youth has its own freeze, belongs to everyone's own freeze. Youth in each person will have a different flavor, but, the youth has the same goal in each person, and that is chasing the dream "!
It is not a blue sky, the vast grassland depletion, not stretch as far as eye can see more than text concise and comprehensive description. Youth freeze in each person's vitality, then it is concrete. Or that the dream is concrete!
Dream is concrete, it has specific time attribute!
As a child, we always told our parents and teachers that when we grow up, we want to be a pilot, police, mayor, athletes, teachers and teachers....... And so on. When we grow up, it seems that we realize our dream, or that we can deliver the promise.. Yes, when we are still chasing the dream when we are still in the youth, it can be said that we have youth. As a child, we have a dream that we are growing up, then we will freeze our dream and what time is it? After "growing up" is a vague description, so what exactly is it? The time attribute of youth not because of age and judgment, because of the dream age have youth!
Dream is concrete, it has specific spatial attributes!



私たちにできるレール・デュ・タン、俺達は惷に自由に飛んで、私たちの愛は長く地久より。私たちは天上の彦星と織姫が、いつもながら二互いに忘れるカササギの橋。私達はどんなに望んで7月7の一見、美しいカササギの橋は銀河立てながら機でできるように優柔共 DR REBORN
イメージ 1
このような愛は、鍵を、私たちを2粒の心ぎゅっとロック牢。何もせずにされているって言っ必要がない、何の戴冠、愛は自由の咲き乱れる、誰も干渉すること。愛したいはしないでくれて、選択、愛を出してDR REBORN、誠意誠心誠意で愛するような恋に行って、鍵をしっかりロックの心の間、他人を開きたい、至難の業。
あれは1種のどんな別れ、あれはまたどのように1種の別れの痛み。私は本当に無語に直面して、窓ガラスにこぼれた涙が、DR REBORN気が置き去りにされた苦い。外の雪が舞い散る、私の心はきり。いつか春、これはすべてないのファン。私は私が待ち望んなど、いつまで、心がわりせぬこと。


perhaps is not a bad thing

It seems to me for a long time not lonely, just alone. But, suddenly life loneliness is also good, there is a lonely, is want to exclude this lonely power. Lonely lonely, lonely also will realize a lot of Production Diploma.
Because it is not know how lonely, so indifferent terrible. If take life too deeply, take it all too is insignificant, so that the time seems to lack a bit of passion, lack of a surging. So, often also laughing myself, how can so terrible?
A lot of the time, I want to own a little lonely, lonely feelings more, maybe I will get out of the house, out of their own world to pursue life outside of the hustle and bustle of the. For a long time away from the hustle and bustle, sometimes feel oneself quiet terrible, how in their own world watching life situation?
Lonely lonely, lonely will find a lot of things, will also find a restless from life. Sometimes, life without this restless, feel this life quiet Lost Joy enthusiasm. Loneliness in occasionally when the hustle and bustle about, then, is not necessarily a bad thing. Life is interactive, is a life time staggered situational and interactive, is a whoop from the depth of life Dr Max.
Lonely for a long time, people will be decadent, people will be depressed. So, the occasional loneliness is good. Of course, this modest lonely, really size difficult to control, one not careful will appear self challenging state, people will have a kind of inertia, one not careful inertia becomes a part of our life.
Most of the time, sit still, thinking, then smile. Sometimes, like his screwed up and said to myself: "lonely lonely, how come I never lonely state? How do I always quiet Enron living in self carefree?"
Perhaps, some people feel incredible, others want to lonely feelings haunt her. A lot of people know, loneliness is a kind of feelings is very terrible, one not careful will let your heart and life in a depressed state of self cannot control. Some people will because of this kind of lonely state, to do a lot of their own are unable to imagine the things. So, many people are afraid of loneliness, lonely forever far from their best.
And now I feel lonely sometimes is the salt of life. There are occasional time lonely, time will be the same wonderful. However, this loneliness is the best leisure while, lonely lonely, don't ever let lonely stay in the body, stay time, also in the heart.
Lonely lonely, lonely time, all the strength I think I will try to dispel this lonely life. So, at least I can make my life has been in a state of joy, but not for long rest in my own world. However, just like the lonely for a while, don't want to let the lonely long occupied life. Lonely for a long time, I am also afraid of their own depressed, Dr Max I am afraid of their own downturn, so lonely lonely, just a moment.
Life is a lot of time staggered forward, so occasionally to make your life a text and life does not match, perhaps is not a bad thing. I have been in the Enron walking, the heart of all the indifferent and quiet covering all my life. I think at the moment, if a bit lonely factors came into my life in words, do not know what will happen again in my life?
Perhaps, I really boring, but have been imagined so lonely jumped into my life be like? I'm sure I'll be exhausted efforts to expel, is certainly the exhaustion of strength to the loneliness becomes the last wonderful, whose life not lonely? Lonely lonely, lonely, then everything will return to the most beautiful state, then use your heart to enjoy all the good of life.


if it is still there

Once, think that year, so full of memories and phrases have never gone for ever thought can naturally float out from my mouth, but I don't like such a helpless feeling, that represents the lost, I have lost their youth, the youth lost parents, their own youth, friends of youth, but like others said that with the growth of age our memory is automatically choose to remember once the youthful years, but more and more enduring feeling, but more close to their own things but is more to be yourself and forget China retail store contractor.
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In fact, I want to say, the memory is beautiful, but to me the moment is more important, when we run in the campus playground like that, we remember the happy moment, Musee know how to enjoy the happiness to our fresh or rich aroma, really. But after gradually into the social life we are repeating work day in and day out to spend that kind of enjoy the happy mood, every day in the constant temperature does not see the sunshine, the office and stay there, just like the flowers in the greenhouse, whether physical or psychological are crystal like fragile, vulnerable, and the nature of dealing with less, shuttle earth and in the automobile exhaust gas mixed every day in the bar, the laughter is not consciously with the feeling of oppression.
We discuss, as the day we go out for a walk about, go to our reading school, is the best high school campus (if it is still there), to have a look have playground whether still stayed there, and some of the best friends of a talk about the past, talk about recent worries, will say in fact, the thing is also a kind of happiness dc motor speed control.


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